How to install Google Chrome for Android TV

AndroidTV boxes are powerful streaming devices.

Google Chrome is not listed in the Google Play Store.

How to install Chrome on Android TV

Chrome can be installed using either your computer or voice commands.

Two options are now available. Both require you to do Sideloading from your AndroidTV to receive the Chrome browser.

To download Android programs, there are many Google Play options. In this article we’ll use Aptoide to guide us through the process.

Aptoide, a marketplace for Android apps with more than 2,500 apps, is something that most people don’t know.

The first step is to install Aptoide into your Android TV Box.

  • Via browser: Google Chrome does NOT appear in Android TV on the Google Play Store. Other Android television browsers are also available. You can also access the installer via the default file manager on your device.
  • Via USB A USB Port Android TV Box can be used with an Android TV box to download the Aptoide APK onto one’s desktop computer. Then, you can transfer it to a USB. Start the installer by going to the file manager.

Once Aptoide software has been installed on the Android TV box, you can install Chrome.

Use Aptoide to search for Google Chrome. Scroll down and click on the right search results. Select the Download option.

Follow the prompts on the screen to confirm installation. Aptoide then takes over the rest.

The app will be listed alongside all of your other apps after it has been installed.

Other third-party app stores you might be interested in: SlideME. Froidroid. SlideME.

2. Chrome APK for Android Television

The second option is the same, except that you don’t need a third-party shop to do it. Instead, download the Google Chrome APK directly from Google and then sideload it.

This method has advantages and disadvantages. You can decide which version Google Chrome to install. Google will announce new Chrome features. You will need to reinstall APK.

Now how can you convert Chrome to Android TV?

The first thing you need is an APK file. APK Spiegel, APK Pure and APK Pure are two of the best places to find Android APK files.

The file explorer app will open on your Android TV. Locate and click on the APK. This will begin the installation process.

Android Television: How to Access it

Chrome on AndroidTV will not display on your Android TV home screen if installed. It depends on which model your device has.

You can access them by two methods if they aren’t automatically appearing:

  • Settings Menu: You can access the entire list (sideloaded) by going to the Settings menu.
  • Install a side loader program. Install a Side Loader App.

No matter how you open Chrome, there will be one setting you have to adjust when you open it. Scroll down and tick the box to Request a Desktop Site. You will ensure that Chrome uses all of the real-estate available on your TV screen.

Do Android TVs really require Chrome?

We value the appeal Chrome brings to your AndroidTV Box. Full access to all your extensions and bookmarks, as well browsing history and any other customizations.

Chrome on AndroidTV isn’t the most enjoyable experience. It can be used with TV remotes and is therefore fluid.

This is the main mystery of Android TV-optimized Chrome. While you can access some information from Chrome, you should be using an Android TV web browser for all your daily browsing.

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