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How do you fix the Android “Unfortunately Gmail Has Stopped?”

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The notification informs you that an email was sent to your email address. When you open your application to check it, the popup informs you that Gmail has been disabled.

This is a common error Gmail users can encounter. This issue can be confusing and may cause serious problems.

1. Restart Your Application and Mobile

To get started, you can close Gmail and reopen the app.

If the error keeps recurring, you should restart your device. This allows the app to be scanned for any errors.

It’s important to update your apps regularly to ensure that they are working properly.

Clear your Gmail app cache

The most common cause of errors is corrupted data.

The temporary files stored in your cache can speed up your app and make your app more efficient. If you have any files that are corrupted or damaged, clear the cache from your Gmail App.

This is how to clear the cache from Gmail app

  1. Go Setup.
  2. Select apps & notifications Check out all X apps.
  3. Select Gmail.
  4. To stop the application, tap Force Stop.
  5. Select Storage & Cache.
  6. Tap Clear cache.

Check if your app works again by launching it again.

Clear your multitasking agenda

Multitasking is great on smartphones as it allows you to do multiple tasks simultaneously. Smartphones are becoming more powerful, efficient and can do multiple things simultaneously. Gmail could not run as fast due to this.

You could lose your phone.

4. Uninstall Android SystemWebView – Updates

Android System WebView is a useful app. Apps that update it are slow to load.

Although the app cannot be uninstalled, you can disable its updates . You can either visit your Play Store app list or open the app while waiting for the firmware or new app to become available .

5. Use an alternative email provider

Outlook can be used as an alternative to Gmail for those times when the app isn’t working. See our comparison to find the one that best suits your needs.

Resolving Email Problems

These are the best options to solve issues with Gmail. This can be extremely frustrating. But it is important that you remain calm as you attempt to find and fix any problems.

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