Which Android TV Browser is Best? These are the top 5 apps, ranked

Your Android TV can stream movies and TV shows from Amazon Prime Video and Netflix. You can also watch local media using apps like Plex and Kodi. You can also stream games directly from your computer to your TV.

But, the Android TV can browse the internet. These are the top three.

1. Puffin TV Browser

Many Android TV Browsers will not work with your remote. You will need either a game controller, or a smartphone app to navigate the app.

The Puffin TV Web browser is our first recommendation. It can be used in conjunction with your basic remote for Android TV. This makes it an excellent option.

Puffin TV browser’s version is made specifically for Android TV boxes. Puffin is light, simple-to-use and quick thanks its specially designed interface.

Additional features include QR codes that allow you to add favorite websites directly to the app, as well as support to Adobe Flash whenever necessary.

This is the US server hosting your browser.

2. Google Chrome

Android TV doesn’t come with Chrome installed. This is quite a surprise.

There are no limiting factors to Chrome’s installation on Android TV. The Play Store’s web-based version can be used to install Chrome on Android TV.

Google Chrome for AndroidTV has its pros and cons. The best part is that you can access all your bookmarks, browsing history, and other synced content if your Chrome account already exists.

Chrome may not work with the remote for your Android TV. This makes Chrome less intuitive than some other options.

3. Mozilla Firefox

Firefox, another popular desktop and mobile browser, can sideload onto an Android TV.

Firefox does not have an Android TV version of Chrome. Google has strict guidelines about what Android TV apps are.

Firefox for Android Television users frequently mention that its extensions are one of their core advantages. The majority of extensions work on Android TV platforms and not Google Chrome.

Some users have reported that YouTube browsing via Firefox for Android TV is faster than using the official YouTube app.

Firefox and other sideloaded apps can be managed easily on your AndroidTV.

4. TVWeb Browser

The TVWeb browser works more like Puffin TV.

It is simple to navigate. Easy to navigate.

TVWeb Browser offers integrated voice search, bookmarks, User Agent switching, access to browsing histories, custom search engines, and an on screen mouse pointer that you can control using your Android TV remote.

The TVWeb browser is totally free to download.

TV Bro

TV Bro, an Android browser for TV, can be seamlessly used with your Android TV remote.

Other key features include tabs and bookmarks support. Voice search support is also available (again via your TV remote).

An easy-to-use manager that allows you to download, browse history, and create shortcuts.

TV Bro is, first and foremost, completely open-source. You can inspect the code to see how it functions, check its security, and find out what data it has.

TV Bro uses Android’s rendering engine. You can change user agents.

Android TV – Other Ways To Browse The Web

If none of our Android TV browsers suit your needs, there are many other options.


A Nvidia Shield device can be a great choice for cord-cutters. GameStream allows you to access your Windows desktop.

GameStream allows you to manually install any game from the GeForce Experience app on your desktop. If you add C:\Windows\System32\mstsc.exe (the Remote Desktop Connection app) you can be looking at your computer’s desktop in seconds.

You can use your Android TV remote as a mouse. This could prove cumbersome, however.

Cast Your Screen

Chromecast technology is integrated into Android TV boxes. This allows you to cast your computer screen directly onto your TV. Any desktop browser can be used.

Chromecast is slow for Android TV.

Which Android TV browser is the best?

We compared the pros and cons of each option and decided to go with Puffin TV Brower.

Check out our top Android TV launchers to learn more about Android TV.

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