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How to Charge Your iPhone Faster

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Waiting for your phone to charge is worse than it dying. There are several devices and settings that you can use to get your iPhone back to normal in a fraction of time. This article will show you how to fast charge your iPhone and prolong the life of your battery.

Wall Chargers are a great way to charge your iPhone faster.

A wall charger is the fastest way to charge an iPhone. An 18W (watt or higher) power adapter will speed up your iPhone 8 and newer models. For fast charging, you’ll need a 20W power adapter if you have an iPhone 12.

Fast charging is a feature that all iPhones released after the iPhone 8 have. It allows the battery to be charged up to 50% in just 30 minutes. The test shows that it takes around 90 minutes for an iPhone to be charged to 50% with the 5W charger included with most models.

Apple has never included a fast charging adapter for the iPhone 11. Apple has never included a fast charging adapter with the iPhone 11.

The wattage can be found on most power adapters. You can also multiply the amps and volts to calculate the wattage. A charger with a power output between 10V and 2A will produce a wattage of around 20W.

It is best to ensure that your power adapter supports a fast charge. Apple states that any third-party power adapter must support USB Power Delivery (USB PD).

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Apple suggests that you plug your iPhone into a computer and not a wall charger. You could end up draining your iPhone’s battery rather than charging it.

You can also use a fast-charging cable

You will need a USB-C Cable to make the most of your iPhone’s fast-charging abilities. The newer USB-C cables are capable of charging devices up to 100W, unlike the older USB-A cables which can only charge 12W.

You should ensure that the USB-C cable to Lightning is MFi certified if you’re going to purchase a third-party USB connector. You should also look for the C94 version of the USB-C cable to Lightning, and not the C89 or C48 versions.

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To save the battery, turn down your screen brightness

Turning down the screen brightness is one of the best ways to speed up your iPhone’s charge. Open the Settings app on your iPhone and tap Brightness. Drag the slider under Brightness left.

The Control Center of your iPhone can also be used to access the brightness slider. To access the brightness slider, swipe down from either the top-right corner on an iPhone X or later or from the bottom on an iPhone 8 and earlier. Next, tap and drag down the brightness slider with a sun icon.

To save your eyes and battery, use Dark Mode

A study by Perdue University found that switching to Dark Mode can save an average of 39-47% battery power. This only applies to smartphones with OLED displays, which excludes certain iPhone X models.

Go to Settings > Display and Brightness, then select Dark. This setting can also be accessed from the Control Center by holding down the brightness slider and tapping the button. Next, tap the Dark Mod icon at the bottom-left corner.

You can find our step-by-step guide to Dark Mode on iPhone.

Switch to Airplane Mode and Use WiFi Calling

Apple recommends turning on Airplane Mode in order to save your iPhone’s battery, as WiFi connections consume less power than cellular networks. Airplane Mode will disable your iPhone’s cell data so that you can only make and take calls over WiFi.

Go to Settings, tap the slider next to Airplane Mode. To activate Airplane Mode, you can also open Control Center by tapping the plane icon at the top-left corner.

Airplane Mode will disable your iPhone’s data. You might also experience Bluetooth and WiFi turned off. However, you can turn them on again by tapping the icons in Control Center or enabling them under Settings.

You can find the steps to use WiFi calling on your iPhone to make and take phone calls.

To charge your iPhone faster, turn on low power mode

When charging your iPhone, enable Low Power Mode. This will make it charge more quickly. This mode reduces the screen brightness and optimizes iPhone performance by disabling background tasks and reducing animations.

Go to Settings > Batterie, and then tap the slider beside Low power Mode. Open the Control Center, tap the battery icon, and you can turn on Low Power Mode quicker.

You might also find Insights and Suggestions. These are tips to help you save your battery. Or you can scroll down to view which apps use the most battery. Once your iPhone has been changed to 80%, Low Power Mode will be automatically disabled.

To charge your iPhone 100%, turn off optimized battery charging

Apple has changed the way that iPhones charge to prevent them from overcharging by preventing them from charging for more than 80% if they are connected to a charger for extended periods. Optimized battery charging is a feature that allows you to charge your iPhone up to 100% faster.

Go to Settings > Batteries > Battery Health, and then tap the slider beside Optimized battery Charging. A pop-up will appear warning you that Optimized Battery Charging can reduce your battery. You should therefore only enable it briefly.

You can view information about your iPhone’s battery health including the current Maximum Capacity. This shows you how much power your battery has stored compared to when it was brand new. If your iPhone’s battery is not working properly, you might see additional warnings.

To prevent overheating, take your iPhone case off

iPhones can now stop charging or slow down if they get too hot to prevent damage to the battery. Apple also recommends that you take your iPhone out of its case if it gets too hot to charge.

Your iPhone can be kept from heating up by being placed in a cool place, away from direct sunlight.

To charge your iPhone faster, turn it off

It can be hard to turn off your iPhone completely, but it is the best way to charge your battery. Your battery will not be used if you don’t use it while it’s charging. Your iPhone’s cache can be cleared by shutting it down, which will make it run more quickly.

To turn off your iPhone go to Settings >General, scroll down, and tap Shutdown.

You can find fast charging options for your iPhone on the web by checking out our list of the best mobile phone chargers.

You might need to replace your iPhone if it has been damaged by water. To find the best iPhone for you, visit Amazon’s, iPhone Page.


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