How to Fake a GPS Location on Your Phone

Tricking your iPhone or Android device into changing your location means tricking apps into believing you are located in a different place. In most cases, spoofing your GPS location will fool every location-based application on your phone.

It might seem strange to do this, as most people use GPS for tasks that require their actual location. This includes finding directions and weather updates. There are legitimate reasons for your phone to be moved to another location.

It’s not easy to do so. It is not possible to fake your GPS location with most apps, Android or iOS.

Android Location Spoofing

Google Play will give you tons of options for fake GPS, some completely free, others that cost money, and some that need your phone to be root.

Fake GPS Free is an app that doesn’t require your phone to have rooted. It can be used to create fake GPS locations on your Android phone.

  1. Install Fake Geo-Tracking Free.
  2. Accept the prompts for initial setup. The first is to allow the app to access your device’s position, while the second is to accept the advertising terms.
    Recent Android versions allow you to select while using the app (older versions may call it something else). Next, choose to ACCEPT in the advertising message.
  3. Tap To enable, scroll to the bottom for information about mock locations.
  4. To open the screen, choose Developer Settings. Next, go to Select mock location app > Free.
  5. To return to the app, use the back button. You can also search for the location that you wish to create a fake from your phone by using the search function. Tap-and-hold the map to add place markers.
  6. To enable fake GPS settings, use the play button at the bottom of the map.

We’ve verified that these free location-changing apps work as Fake GPS Free: FAKE GPS, Flight GPS, and Fake GPS Location.

Another way is to use Xposed Framework. To allow certain apps to use your fake location, you can also install an app like Fake my GPS. Search through the Xposed Module Repository or the Xposed Installation app on your smartphone to find similar modules.

iPhone Location Spoofing

Faking an iPhone’s location is not as simple as it is with an Android device. You can’t simply download an app to it. Software developers have created desktop programs that make it easy.

3uTools is the best tool to fake the location of your iPhone or iPad. The software is completely free and works with iOS and iPadOS 15.

  1. Download 3uTools. It works on Windows 11 but we tested it.
  2. Select Toolbox in the top menu, then VirtualLocation on that screen.
  3. To choose where you want your location to be faked, either uses the search bar or select a place on the map.
  4. Select Modify virtual place and then choose OK at the confirmation prompt.

To undo the fake GPS location, restart your device and start pulling real GPS data.

iTools from ThinkSky is another way to spoof the iPhone’s location. It runs on macOS, unlike 3uTools. However, it can’t simulate movement and it is limited to iOS 12.

  1. Download and Install iTools.
  2. To continue, open the program and choose Free Trial.
  3. Connect your device to your computer and navigate Toolbox > Virtual Location.
  4. To download the iOS Developer Disk Image file, click the image in the Developer Mode section.
  5. To locate a specific location, search at the top of your screen and select Go.
  6. To instantly create a fake location, select Move Here

The Virtual Locationwindow can be closed in iTools. When asked whether you want to stop the simulation you can choose no to ensure that your fake GPS location remains even after you unplug your device.

Return to the map and choose Stop Simulation. To immediately start using your device’s real location, you can reboot it.

You can only fake your phone’s location using tools within the 24-hour trial. If you wish to run the trial again, you will need to use a completely different computer. As long as your phone is not restarted, the fake location will continue to exist.

What’s the point of faking your location?

You can set up fake GPS locations for fun or for serious reasons.

Perhaps you would like to change your address so that a dating app can think you are a hundred miles away. This is great if you plan to move and want to be ahead in the dating world.

A location-based game such as Pokemon GO can also allow you to fake your location. You don’t have to travel far to get a different type of Pokemon. Instead, your phone can tell the game you are already there and assume that your location is correct.

Another reason to create a fake GPS location is to “travel” Dubai and check in to a new restaurant or landmark. This will trick your Facebook friends into believing you are on an extravagant vacation.

Your fake GPS location can be used to fool your friends or family in location-sharing apps, to hide your true location from apps that request it, as well as to set your reallocation, if GPS satellites don’t do a good job of finding it.

GPS Spoofing Issues

It can be fun to pretend about your location. However, it is not always useful. Because GPS spoofing doesn’t come as an option, it’s not easy to set it up. Also, location fakers aren’t always compatible with every app that can read your location.

You’ll notice that any other apps that you won’t use in your real location will use the fake GPS app you installed on your phone. The game may use your fake address to your advantage. However, if you want to open your navigation app and get directions somewhere, you will need to turn off the location spoofer.

This is also true for other things such as checking in at restaurants, keeping current with your family-based GPS locator, and checking the weather around you. It will affect your location system-wide in all of your location-based apps if you are tricking it.


  • How can you share your iPhone’s location?
    Open the Find My App and choose People > Share My Locality > Begin Sharing Your Location. Select Send and enter the number or name of the person you wish to share your location with. Select OK to choose the time period you wish to share your location.
  • How can you disable your iPhone’s location?
    You can instruct your iPhone to stop tracking your location if you are concerned about privacy. Turn the toggle off by going to Settings > Privacy > Location Services.
  • How can you locate an iPhone’s location?
    Open the Find My iPhone App and choose All Devices. Next, select the device that you wish to locate. If the phone is located, it will be displayed on the map. If the phone cannot be found, it will appear on the map under “Offline”. The last known location of the phone is also displayed for 24 hours.
  • How do you view the location history of an iPhone?
    You can view the places that your iPhone has kept track of. You can access Settings > Privacy > Location Services > Systems Services > Significant Locations.
  • How can you change the location of the weather on your iPhone?
    Hold your finger down on the Weather widget and tap and hold it until you see Edit Weather. You can then select the location and choose another one from the list or use the search bar. The default location has been changed to the new one.
  • How can you send a location from iPhone or Android to another?
    To share your location with a contact, you can use the Messengers app. To open a conversation thread with a contact, select the info icon and then choose to Share my Location. Google Maps allows you to share your location. Open the app and sign in to your Google account. Select Menu Location sharing> Start.

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