How to Use Apple Watch With an Android Smartphone

Can an Apple Watch and Android phone be used together? You can use both devices together if you are brave enough to play with hardware.

What is the best way to connect an Apple Watch to an Android phone

First, configure your Apple Watch with the iPhone you have selected. To set up your Apple Watch, you will need an iPhone.

After your Apple Watch has been set up, follow the steps below.

  1. Your iPhone, Android phone, and Apple Watch must be turned off.
  2. To delete your SIM card from your iPhone, use the SIMcard tool (or a suitable paperclip).
  3. Turn on your Android phone by inserting your iPhone SIM card.
  4. After your Android phone is powered on and connected to the network of your carrier, turn on the Apple Watch.
    Now you should see that your Android device has been connected to your carrier and that your Apple Watch has also been connected.
  5. You can now receive calls and other information on your Apple Watch even if you have an Android phone.

My Apple Watch is compatible with my Android phone, but how do I pair the two?

The short answer to this question is “No.” It is impossible to pair an Android device and an Apple Watch over Bluetooth. They will not connect if you try to pair them as you would with any other Bluetooth device.

You can however have both devices working together if you are willing to play with them.

The Apple Watch may have LTE connectivity, depending on its model. Apple also offers higher-priced smartwatches that can connect, receive calls and send messages even if a Bluetooth connection with an iPhone is lost.

These LTE Apple Watches use your carrier’s network so they won’t disconnect if your iPhone is lost or stolen while you’re out and about.

The same feature also allows us to use a loophole to gain partial functionality even if we don’t have an Android phone.

What functionalities can I expect from an Android phone?

The Apple Watch and the apps it has installed will be able to keep themselves up to date over a cellular connection. However, some apps that are dependent on your iPhone might not work in an unexpected way.

You can also send and receive calls but messaging can be more complicated. iMessage works well with this setup. However, standard text messages ( ) will fail. This is a serious problem because your Android device will want to send all messages in standard SMS SMS format.

You won’t be allowed to access an iPhone so you can’t keep your software and device up-to-date. You won’t be able to update your watch with a new app, as you will need an iPhone for this purpose.

How do I get started with this project?

To make your Apple Watch work seamlessly with an Android smartphone, you will need to follow the steps below:

  • Unlocked Apple Watch with 3G LTE
  • An unlocked Android smartphone
  • Unlocked iPhone 6 or older
  • An instrument to remove SIM cards.

What’s the Deal with My iPhone and Android Phones?

Although your devices don’t communicate with each other, technical differences make them incompatible. But, if you set up your Watch with LTE, it doesn’t need to use an iPhone for some of its primary functions.

Expect to experience a decrease in functionality and a faster drain on your Apple Watch battery from LTE. It’s fun to try it, but if Android is your favorite OS, it’s better to get a smartwatch that’s compatible.


  • How can you unlock your Apple Watch?
    An activation lock or passcode can be used to unlock your Apple Watch. An “unlocked” Apple Watch doesn’t mean it is tied to any carrier.
  • Can an Apple Watch be used by itself without a phone?
    Yes. You can do quite a lot with an Apple Watch even if you don’t have a paired iPhone. You can pair your Apple Watch with Bluetooth headphones to stream music via Spotify or download podcasts to your Watch.
  • What Android watch is similar to Apple Watch?
    The Samsung Galaxy Watch 3 is the best alternative to Apple Watch for Android users. It lacks the Apple Watch’s robust app ecosystem, but it still has a rotating bezel and a classic design. The battery lasts about two days with the always-on display activated.

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