How to Change your Apple ID Email Address

You should update your Apple ID in order to protect your account if you have a new email address, or lose access to one you already have.

The new email address will serve as your login email for your iPhone or iPad as well as other Apple services such as iTunes, App Store, and iCloud. Do not worry about losing any data. Your account (and all of the music and apps you have purchased) will remain unchanged, but will now be linked with your new email address.

We’ll now show you how to change your Apple ID email address.

How to Change your Apple ID Email using the Website

Before you begin, log off any Apple device linked to your AppleID. You should also ensure that you have an up-to-date and iCloud backup, so you don’t lose important information like contacts.

To confirm the change, you’ll need to access your Apple ID’s email address. You should verify that your password is correct before you make any changes.

Now let’s get to work.

  1. Head to Use your iPhone, Mac or PC to sign in using your Apple ID password. It’s very simple. Forgot your Apple ID password? It doesn’t matter if it isn’t.
  2. The website will direct you to the Sign-in and security section. Click the Apple ID Continue by clicking the tab
  3. Next, enter your email address into the Modify your Apple ID You will see the box. If your email address is not available, this means that an Apple user is using the address. If the user does not disconnect that email from their account you will have to use a new email address or Create a brand new Apple ID
  4. Click Edit Apple ID. You’ll need to enter a verification code that was sent to you at your new email address. It should be in your inbox. Verify that you are checking the correct email if you cannot find the verification codes. You can also search for
  5. After entering the verification code. After entering the verification code, the dialog box will close. This indicates that you have successfully updated your Apple ID email.
  6. Your new Apple ID will allow you to sign in to all Apple services and devices. It is important to note that an Apple ID cannot be changed within 30 days after the last change.

You can sign in with the Apple ID you have signed out if you want to change to another Apple ID.

How to Modify Your Apple ID Email from Your iPhone Settings

You can also update your Apple ID email address via the Settings menu on iPhone. Here’s how:

  1. Open the Settings App on your iPhone.
  2. Then, select your name from the top of the screen and then open the Name Section, Phone Numbers, and Email section.
  3. Tap edit to go to the Contactable @ section.
  4. Next, tap the red Icon of minus (-) Add your name to the next line. Delete The right side of your screen.

  5. To confirm you want to delete your current email address and start a new account, click the button in the popup.
  6. The new screen will open with your email address.
  7. Verify your address by sending an email to Apple ID.

Backup your iPhone before you begin the process. Otherwise, you could lose important data.

All Apple’s Services are connected to your Apple ID

Your Apple ID is your portal to all Apple services. You can’t get the best out of the Apple ecosystem if you don’t have it. You can find detailed help in our Apple ID FAQ if you need to change your Apple ID email.

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