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7 Static Note apps for Windows. You can Post it to Your Screen

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Many ways can sticky notepads be used. It’s also useful as a bookmark. Many people use it to keep track of their ideas or thoughts.

There are many Windows note taking applications that will suit all budgets. These are the top Windows sticky notes apps.

Sticky Notes app for Windows 10

Different apps can serve different purposes. Choose the one that appeals to you the most, even if it’s at the bottom.


An app for taking notes is supposed to be easy to use and not clutter.

Stickies fit the bill perfectly. It organizes your most important tasks and ideas for later reflection.

Stickies can keep your notes protected even after a reboot.

Stickies Windows (Free to Download)

2. Windows Sticky Comments

Sticky Notes has been a strong note-taking app since its inception in 2002. The app was last updated June 6, 2019. This is certain.

StickyNotes is the best note-taking tool for people who are colorful.

You can delete a note by clicking on the Ellipses’ menu in the top. See our Sticky Notes Manual to learn more about Sticky Notes.

3. Notezilla

Notezilla is similar to Sticky Notes. The cloud connectivity allows you to access all your notes from your smartphone.

The app offers multiple design options that can be used as a way to avoid monotony. It can scale to any size you have on your Windows.

You can download the app for free. A 1-year subscription costs $19.95. You can also make a single purchase of $29.95.

  1. 7 Sticky Notes

This powerful option offers many formatting and text options.

Following the installation, an icon will be displayed in your notification panel (the area at bottom right corner on your screen). Right-clicking on this icon opens a note.

Each note is given a title. It lets you change the color, font sizes, font colors, and more.

It’s possible to also set alarms.

Click the green button to save your settings or click on the red “X” to remove them. Double click on any header in the note to close it.

Right-clicking any note will give you many options. You can arrange the notes alphabetically, roll them up (so that the header doesn’t appear), or pick which notes you want to show in the front or back.

Right-click on an icon in your notification bar to bring up the Notes Manage view. You’ll be able to see all your notes organized. This view is helpful if you have too many notes.

  1. Hott Notes

This is the best sticky note application on the desktop. You can even add funny commentary to the installation.

It also provides global hotkeys which let you open a note anywhere in the world. You can even change what double clicking the icon will do in your notification bar.

Once you have completed the layout, you will find 7 Sticky Notes. You will now see 7 Sticky Notes.

My only complaint was the list format for notes. It is necessary to click on “Create New Item” rather than hitting tab or enter after each individual item.

To get everything you need, press the button at the notification tray.

This might not be as advanced, but it is more user-friendly and beautiful.

  1. Sticky Notes 8

Sticky Notes 9 – The most popular option for sticky notes, Sticky Notes 9 should be seen. Modern mobile apps are not as feature rich as desktop applications.

Ads can be removed from this app for $1.50.

Live Tiles display a note at three sizes. The Live Tiles display a note in one of three sizes. It is important to keep notes as brief and concise as possible.

OneDrive’s built in sync with OneDrive makes this feature the most notable. It’s a powerful app that backs everything on Windows 8 and it is the most popular.

  1. Sticky Tiles

Sticky Tile may be different from Sticky Tile. The Sticky Tile app is very basic and will frustrate users. Instead, you should use the Live Tile.

The app will prompt you to name the tile, and give information. You can choose the size and style, and then pin the tile. It will also allow for limited text space.

By tapping the Live tile, you can open a note to edit

It is not ideal for anyone who wants to manage multiple notes. It is the best option for keeping just one note on your Start Screen.

Notes can be a great way of organizing your thoughts. It’s also useful to keep a list of your must-dos and tasks on your desktop.

It is important to remember that we live in an age where digital abundance can cause analysis paralysis. For people trying to do an actual job, distractions like this can happen.

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