These 6 Free Apps Will Turn Your Photos into Art and Paintings.

While it may take artists long hours to create masterpieces, now you can make them in minutes. You can now turn any picture or selfie into a painting instantly with photo-to-painting apps.

You can choose between many different painting styles with stunning filters. Your creative pieces will soon impress all your friends, no matter if they are used for profile pictures or wall prints.

These are the top six apps that can turn pictures into paintings.

1. Prisma Image Editor

Prisma was the first to start the art-style filter craze. It is extremely easy to use, and does things that no other apps do.

Prisma lets you select a photo and apply a filter instantly. It will also show you a preview to your final image. The intensity of the filter can be denoted by moving your finger left or right. You also have the option to adjust image parameters like contrast, saturation, exposure, and so on.

You already have many amazing filters in the free version. You can unlock over 500 filters, effects, and more by signing up for the Premium plan at $1.99 per Week.

2. PicsArt Photo Editor & Video Editor

PicsArt can transform any photo into a painting. PicsArt can be used as a photo editor with video and selfie editing, collage layouts, as well as many other tools and filters.

RELATED How to make digital art: essential tips for beginners There are a few options available that will transform the image into an artist’s painting. The photo can be edited to perfection or changed with a filter for artistry within minutes.

3. GoArt: Art Photo Edit

GoArt, another great app to turn your photo into a painting, is also available. GoArt was designed to allow you to print your art. This provides some wonderful benefits as well as potential problems for your needs when it comes to photo printing.

The app uses AI technology for artistic transformations. The app creates high-quality images, but the process can take several minutes, which is slower than other instantaneous options. GoArt is similar to Prisma in that you can adjust the intensity of the effects so the end result is to your liking.

You’ll see the watermark after you’re done. It’s possible to save virtual coins within the app to remove it, or to upgrade to the premium version to get rid of it completely.

There are many styles you can choose from, including expressionism and structuralism. Frame your masterpieces at home and create masterpieces after masterpieces.

4. PhotoLab: Art Image Editor

PhotoLab Art Picture Editor is the app you should download if you like to experiment with beautiful, creative, and funny filters.

This app is great for anyone looking to make their social media accounts more interesting. PhotoLab does more than simply allow you to take photos and paint. The AI-driven tech is very easy to use and can automatically do edits like cropping.

You can upload your image directly to the app or share it via a platform designed specifically for digital art. PhotoLab comes with a large selection of filters, so you can experiment with different filters to find the best one for your particular picture.

5. Insta Toon – Cartoon and Art Cam

Insta Toon is a popular app that delivers high-quality products and the results you expect. Because this app is focused on making your photos into paintings, there aren’t many photo editing tools.

Upload an image to your camera roll, or take a real-time picture to get started. You can scroll through the available filters to find the right one. There are many filters available including black and white sketches, oil paintings, comics, and more.

You can save the new image as a GIF or still image and share it with your family and friends. You can also export the piece in different resolutions such as SD, HD, Full HD. However, this app is only available to iPhone users.

6. BeCasso – Photo to Painting App

BeCasso features a variety of artistic filters that look like your favorite artists. After uploading the photo, browse through a variety of artistic techniques until you find the one that suits your needs.

It is recommended that you touch up your photos before uploading them. Most of the photo editing tools available in this app require a subscription. You can see our list of best photo-editing applications for the iPhone to learn more.

The partnership with MyPostCard makes this app one of the most innovative. The app will convert your artwork into postcards, and you can send them to any address that you choose for a small fee.

RELATED: Convert Photos Into Art With PhotoshopYou have the option to use CanvasPop’s partnership to make your masterpiece appear on anything, from a poster to a T-shirt. All of this can be done from within the app. It’s more than just a profile picture change. Unfortunately, the app is only available on iPhones.

Enjoy these photo to painting apps

AI recognition has opened up new possibilities for video and photo editing. It’s amazing how many creative tricks and techniques your smartphone can show you once you start using it as a creative tool. You don’t have to stick with the same old sepia colors. Give your photos something more.

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