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Google Pixel 3 xl White or Samsung Galaxy S9?

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The Google Pixel 3 xl white may be an excellent Android phone but is it as great as the legendary Samsung Galaxy S9? Here’s a comparison to aid you in your decision

Should I purchase either the Google Pixel 3 or Samsung Galaxy S9?

If you’re looking to get the most out experience Android in the exact way Google would like to see it The Pixel 3 is the phone for you. It will provide regular security updates, as well as Android updates as well as an amazing camera.

However, this Galaxy S9 is a popular phone for a good reason. Its design is certainly smoother than the Galaxy S9, and the display is among the top on a smartphone and the camera is almost equal to that of the Pixel and comes with an audio jack for headphones.

If you’re looking for pure Android choose Google’s Pixel 3 xl white. However, you can get the Galaxy S9 might cost you less, and comes with more features, including full waterproofing.

Google Pixel 3 vs Samsung Galaxy S9 full review

Outside of the world of tech, Samsung android. iPhone is also known as Samsung is the choice that many consumers make when purchasing an upgrade to their phone contract.

Google is the one who makes Android function, but Google Pixel 3 is the company’s vision for what Android Hardware and Software working in tandem should be.

It comes with a fresh design and an incredible camera. However, it’s the Galaxy S9 is familiar territory for Samsung since it is similar to the S8. It’s the same with both phones. Pixel 3 and Galaxy S9 are among the top Android phones that have advantages when purchasing either.

Here’s a head-to-head comparison to find out which one is ideal for you to purchase.

What is the difference in price?

Pixel 3 xl white starts at the same price as the Galaxy S9 in the UK However, there are a few US pricing differences.

Pixel 3 xl white retails for PS739 or $799. Pixel 3 costs PS739 $799 for 64GB models and PS839 or $899 for the 128GB model..

The Samsung Galaxy S9 costs $719 or PS739 for the 64GB version and is the most widely used storage choice offered across the UK in the UK and US.

Prices rise after that if you get a 128GB or 256GB model. However, they’re rarer.

Which one is the most attractive style?

The way you view design is up to you but it’s not difficult to ignore the fact that this phone Galaxy S9 is a beautiful phone. The almost bezel-less design that has no notch is stunning to behold with Samsung’s Infinity Display slightly curved at the corners and edges. Phwoar.

Its Pixel 3 xl white has a good attempt at it although its bezels are bigger, they do come with two speakers on the front (one of them is at the bottom of the screen, right near its USB-C port).

Both phones are very broken due to their glass construction on both sides. Samsung’s S9 has lots of fingerprints, especially if you choose the black version (it’s additionally available in blue and lilac).

The Pixel 3 is all glass however Google has frosted the majority of the back of it to make it more comfortable to hold, and also you’ll have fewer fingerprints. It’s all about preference. We believe that the Pixel looks gorgeous, and is worth the price.

However, you will get a bigger display with the 5.8in S9 compared to the 5.5in Pixel 3. Both come with rear-mounted fingerprint scanners and can be charged via USB-C. The only difference is that the S9 comes with a headphone jack.

The S9 (and S8 before it) has helped to bring in the new wave of smartphone design that a lot of companies, Google included, have tried to imitate and catch up to. The S9 is among the most beautiful phones available however the slim glass Pixel with white, black, or pink could be the one to catch your eye.

Pixel 3 xl white is a sliver smaller, slimmer, and shorter than the S9 as well.

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