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How to Change Your Apple Watch Band

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This article will show you how to change the Apple Watch band. These instructions are applicable to the Apple Watch 1st Generation, Series 2, Series 3, Series 4, series 5,/SE and Series 6.

How to remove your Apple Watch Band

Before you can remove the original wrist strap from your Apple Watch, you must be able do so.

  1. Place your Apple Watch face-down on a flat surface such as a desk or microfiber cloth.
    To avoid accidental taps, make sure that your Apple Watch is off
  2. Use your fingertip to press the button at the back of the Apple Watch.

    Each strap has two release buttons. They are located at the top of the Apple Watch’s back. They are the same color as other parts of the Apple Watch’s back, but they are easy to identify.
  3. Hold the button and slide the band across.
  4. You can release the button to release the band once it has slipped out. If the band doesn’t slide out, press the band release button once more and ensure you are still holding it down.
  5. For the rest of the strap, repeat the process.

How to install a new Apple Watch Wristband

It is easier to insert a new band than it is to remove the old one.

Apple Watch does not use any standard watch bands. A watch strap made specifically for the Apple Watch is required. The same watch strap is used by all Apple Watches.

  1. You should ensure that the text on the back is facing you.
  2. Adjust the angle of your Apple Watch’s new wristband by tilting it a bit.
  3. Slide the new band until you feel and hear a soft click.
    If you are unable to feel or hear any clicks, slide the band back in, and then back out again. After you are done, you can adjust your Apple Watch face so it matches your new band.
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