How to muffle text messages notifications from someone on your iPhone

You need to disable text notifications for a specific person or group of people on your iPhone. Here’s how you do it.

An in-built feature lets you mute notifications from contacts in your Messages app if you don’t want to receive them. You can avoid a crowded Notification Center by notifying the contact that you have muted them. They won’t be notified.

Let’s take you through the steps to muffle a text conversation on your iPhone.

To Mute People, Hide Alerts in Messages

You won’t receive any notifications from a contact if you muted them in the Messages app until they are unmuted again. However, you can still see their text messages when the app is opened.

Here’s how you can disable text message notifications for contacts in the Messages App:

  1. Tap to open the Messengers app.
  2. Tap the icon of the contact at the top right of the screen.
  3. Turn on the toggle to Hide Alarms. To indicate that a contact has been muted, you will see a bell icon marked with a slash.

You can also swipe to mute even faster

Another way to disable notifications for a contact is:

  1. You can open the Messengers app to find the contact from your recent conversations.
  2. Swipe left to muffle the contact.
  3. Tap on the bell symbol. To indicate that the conversation has been muted, you will see the same bell con next to it.

You can swipe on a muted contact and tap the bell icon once more, or tap on the contact icon as previously mentioned and toggle off Hide alerts.

How to Turn Off All Notifications from Someone

You can temporarily mute all calls, messages and notifications by going to Focus under Settings. If necessary, you can choose to allow certain contact notifications through.

Do you not want to receive messages or calls from any contact? You can block calls and messages from contacts on your iPhone.

Unwanted text notifications will no longer be visible

You may need to block contact if you don’t want to receive messages or calls from them. However, the Hide alerts feature within the Messages app can be used to make sure you don’t receive unwanted text message notifications.

To muffle them, simply turn on the toggle to contact or swipe the phone and tap the bell icon. Instead of turning off incoming calls and text notifications, set your iPhone to Focus or Do Not Disturb mode.

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