iPhone 12 accessories: what you get in the box, and what you’ll need to buy

Before launch, one of the most popular iPhone 12 rumors was that Apple would ship the device without in-box headphones and a charger. This turned out to be mostly true.

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What’s in the box

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You could also purchase

Apple has decided to remove a few items from the iPhone 12 box. However, not all of them are included so there will still be some packaging.

Apple claims that the iPhone 12 omissions are to reduce e–waste. Most people choose to purchase their own headphones over the in-box models. And even if you do buy the EarPods, your old pair can still be used (except if this is your first iPhone).

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It can be difficult to understand what is in the box, how to get it separately and what additional items you may need. This is why we created this iPhone 12 accessories guide.

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What’s inside the box?

These items are included in your iPhone 12 Box. We don’t include the SIM removal tool and documentation.

iPhone 12 phone

Apple would have to take the iPhone out of the iPhone box. We don’t know what they would do. Your iPhone 12 purchase will include the box with the phone, but there isn’t much else.

Lighting for the USB-C cable

Lightning – USB Cable from Apple (Image credit to Apple)

Your iPhone 12 box contains a Lightning-to-USB-C cable. The Lightning end can be plugged into your iPhone. However, it is worth noting that USB-C may not be the standard USB port that you have on your computer or that you will find in wall outlets at airports or similar places.

Some laptops have USB-C ports, but you will need a wall charger that has a USB-C port to charge your phone. It will not plug into any other power adapter.

What you should buy:

These items are not included in the iPhone 12 Box, but you will likely end up purchasing them anyway to enhance your iPhone experience.

Wall charger for iPhone 12

Apple wall charger (Image credit to Apple)

The iPhone 12 box does not come with a wall-plug. You’ll need one to attach your phone to the mains.

You may already own one of these chargers so you don’t need one. However, it’s worth checking first. The majority of wall chargers that come along with gadgets have USB A ports. This is the large rectangular input. However, the iPhone 12 cable plugs into USB C which is a smaller input with rounded edges.

The Apple website has one for sale (opens new tab), but it is quite expensive, so you might consider looking for an Amazon USBC wall charger instead (opens new tab).

iPhone 12 headphones

(Image credit: Apple)

The new iPhone 12 does not come with wired headphones in the box. You can still use the headphones if you have some that you had with your iPhone, but you might want to consider upgrading to wireless headphones.

Apple is likely to be crossing its fingers that you will want to upgrade to the AirPods and AirPods Pro. However, there are many other options available (we didn’t give the nonPro AirPods very good reviews). For more information, we’ll post the prices below.

Some people prefer wired headphones.

You can purchase EarPods from the Apple website (opens new tab), and you can find many Lightning headphones at Amazon (opens new tab). Just make sure that the pair of Bluetooth buds you are buying connects to the Lightning Port.

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You could also purchase:

These things may not be essential to your smartphone experience but they can help you make the most of it.

iPhone 12 wireless charger

Wireless charging is the future. However, wireless charging is still the norm. The iPhone 12 supports wireless charging at 7.5W with all Qi chargers (most Qi chargers are Qi), but with Apple’s MagSafe, which uses magnets on its back, it can go up to 15W.

Since the iPhones were first equipped with Qi charging, there have been a lot of wireless chargers available on Apple’s website. To find more options, you can also visit our top wireless chargers list.

Apple’s MagSafe is an innovative addition to the phones. It remains to be seen if it will prove useful, but 15W wireless charging seems good. Only Apple can sell MagSafe technology through its website. However, third-party sellers may soon be available.

iPhone 12 smartwatch

Smartwatches have become hugely popular. You can use them to control your music and field notifications on your phone. They are also great for tracking your exercise and other health activities.

Apple offers many smartwatches. The two most recent are the Apple Watch 6, and the Apple Watch Se. However, there are also older models that are a bit cheaper, although they lack some features.

You could also buy from another company. Fitbit devices are great for social exercise and fitness with a wide range of products. Garmin makes smartwatches for fitness enthusiasts, while Samsung’s Galaxy Watch devices dominate our list.

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