Can’t Hear Calls on iPhone? Here’s The Fix!

Your iPhone is unable to receive the call you are trying to make. You hear nothing no matter what you do. This article will explain what to do if you cannot hear your iPhone calling!

Verify Your Service

When you don’t hear your iPhone calling, check your cellular service. Poor cell phone service can cause poor call quality. Sometimes, you may not be able to hear the person on another end of the line.

To check your iPhone’s cell service, take a look at the upper right corner of the screen. Check that your iPhone has at most one bar. The more bars your iPhone has, the better the service will be. If your iPhone states “No Service”, please see our other article.

If you are experiencing poor service, switching to cell phone carriers may be an option. You may not get reliable coverage from your current wireless carrier. To find out which wireless carriers offer the best service, check out our coverage maps.

Increase the call volume

Next, turn up the volume on your iPhone’s call volume. You might not be able to hear iPhone calls if the volume is too low or too high. When you are on a call, hold down the volume button and press it again. If you are still unable to hear the other person, go on to the next step.

Are You Connected to a Bluetooth Device with Your iPhone?

You may be hearing the sound through your Bluetooth device, not your iPhone. Go to Settings-> Bluetooth to check if your iPhone has Bluetooth connectivity. It should not say Bluetooth Connected next to any Bluetooth device that is listed under My Devices.

You can tap Audio while on a call and verify if it is connected to another device. Tap on your iPhone if it’s connected!

You must ensure that nothing is blocking the receiver

You might have a heavy case or other obstruction blocking the receiver from receiving calls. Take off your iPhone case and clean out the receiver with an anti-static toothbrush or a new toothbrush. You can also call the company again to confirm that the problem has been resolved.

Clean the Lightning Port and Headphone Jack

You might find that the Lightning port (iPhone 7 or older) or headphone jack (iPhone 6s and older) are full of lint or gunk. This can trick your iPhone into believing that headphones are connected. Call audio will attempt to play through headphones if your iPhone is in headphones mode.

Grab an anti-static toothbrush or a brand new toothbrush to clean out any debris that might be stuck in the Lightning port. For more information on how to get your iPhone out of headphones mode, check out our article!

Restart your iPhone

Small software problems can be fixed by restarting your iPhone. For iPhones with Face ID, hold down the volume button or volume button while simultaneously pressing the side buttons and side buttons. For iPhones without Face ID, hold down the power button.

To turn off, release the button or buttons. To shut down your iPhone, swipe the red and blue power icons left to right.

Wait for about a minute and then press and hold either the power button (iPhones that have Face ID) or the side button (iPhones that don’t have Face ID), until the Apple logo appears.

Upgrading Your iPhone

It is a smart idea to update your iPhone whenever new iOS updates are available. These updates may fix bugs or introduce new features. Tap General > Software Update in Settings. Tap Download and install

Reset Network Settings

All of the iPhone’s Cellular, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, and VPN settings will be reset to factory defaults when you Reset Network Settings. This can be used to fix a more serious software issue that may prevent you from receiving calls on your iPhone.

Open Settings, then tap General-> Reset-> Network Settings. To confirm your decision, enter your iPhone passcode and tap Reset network settings. Your iPhone will then turn on, turn off, and reset again.

Contact Apple Support

If your iPhone is still unable to receive calls, contact Apple support. Your iPhone could have a hardware problem! Apple offers support via the phone, online, and in person. If you are going to visit your local Apple Store, make sure to book an appointment. You could end up spending hours waiting in line for assistance.

Loud and Clear

Now you can receive phone calls again because you have fixed the problem. This article should be shared on social media so that your family and friends can learn from you what to do if they don’t hear their phone calls. Leave a comment below if you have any questions about your iPhone.

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