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Xbox One Won’t Turn On But Beeps

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Soft reset and power cycle your Xbox One

Soft resets, power cycles, or a combination are the best options for Xbox Ones that beep but don’t turn on.

Do the soft reset first. This will completely drain your console’s stored power.

Soft reset

To release the power that has built up in your console’s internal components, try a soft reset.

You won’t lose any apps or games you have already installed.

To soft reset your Xbox One:

  • Remove the power cord from the console’s wall outlet.
  • Wait 15 seconds. While the console is not plugged in, press the power button one or two times. This will allow the console to release any excess power that has been built up.
  • The console’s power cord should be plugged back into the wall outlet.
  • Press the power button to turn the unit on again.

Power cycle

If the soft reset does not work, you can move to a power cycle. This will not affect your apps or games.

To power cycle your Xbox One:

  • Hold the power button down for 10 seconds while your Xbox is off.
  • The indicator light on your power brick will flicker between orange and white eventually.
  • Your Xbox will go into standby mode when the indicator light turns steady orange.
  • To bring your Xbox into standby mode, press the power button again.

Different buttons for Xbox One consoles

You can also try different combinations of buttons on the console if the soft reset or power cycle options didn’t work.

Most likely, the internal software is stuck in a loop that requires input to break it. You can get your console to work again by pressing certain buttons.

Triple button hold

This is done by pressing three buttons at once. It’s usually used to reset internal software in order to end a continuous loop.

You can use it often to fix any issues. It will not affect your apps or games.

  • Hold the Power, Eject, and Sync buttons together.
  • Ten seconds.
  • After 10 seconds, press the Eject button.
  • For an additional 15 seconds, hold the Power and Sync button.
  • After 15 seconds have passed, release Power and Sync.
  • Press and hold the Power and Sync buttons a second time to turn on the console. It will then power up and start its sync process.

Click the button to eject

This is a common solution on many Xbox public forums.

Although it may seem strange, it has helped to reset the internal software of the Xbox and put a lot of people back on the right track.

  • Tap the Eject button 10 times per row.

This option is not required to be in a tray.

This is done to make the software focus on a different task, such as ejecting a disc tray. You can also try putting a disc in.

This could be enough to end the software loop.

Common reasons Xbox One does not turn on

Your Xbox One may not be turning on, but it could be for many reasons. Each problem has its own solution. Some solutions are easier than others.


Overheating may cause your Xbox console to beep and not turn on. If your console is left on for long periods of time or ventilation is blocked by dust, this could be an issue.

After the Xbox has been turned on for a long time, it is advisable to turn it off for at least 30 minutes. This will allow the power brick and internal components of the Xbox to cool down.

This will allow the temperature to drop and prevent any future problems.

To clear dust from the console’s vents, you can use compressed or soft brush air to remove it. This will increase airflow and prevent heat from forming in the future.

Cable and power brick issue

A faulty power supply could cause your Xbox to beep but not turn on.

It could be the cord or the power block. The console might be beeping but not turning on properly due to the strain placed on the old power brick.

In this situation, replacing the power brick and cable is your best choice. There are many aftermarket Xbox power supplies that you can purchase on Amazon and directly from Xbox.

You have the option to replace both the brick and cable together or just one.

Internal PSU failure

The internal power supply unit may be responsible if the problem is not caused by the external power supply of cable or power brick.

Although this component is vital, it can overheat and become defective.

Although this component can be repaired, it is quite expensive and requires the expertise of a technician.

It is usually more economical to purchase a new console for older Xbox models.

Moisture on the motherboard

Electronic devices and moisture don’t mix. An Xbox’s motherboard and internal components may build up moisture from an issue with its internal liquid cooling system or condensation due to temperature fluctuations.

This can happen if the Xbox has been stored in a cold place and then turned on.

No matter how it happened moisture can cause many issues, including a failure to turn on, or even beeping.

Moisture on a motherboard can cause sparking or short circuits if it is not severe enough.

There are many ways to dry your console, including:

  • The moisture can be drained out of the console by tilting it at an angle.
  • To dry the internal parts of the hairdryer, use the lowest setting
  • Allow the Xbox to dry naturally for 2-3 days.
  • To remove moisture from the room and console, use a dehumidifier


Try these troubleshooting tips before calling a professional to repair or replace your Xbox One.

A soft reset or power cycle is the first thing you should do. These options have a high probability of working to get your Xbox fully powered up.

Next, you can reset the internal software by holding down certain buttons on the console for a brief time.

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