Why Spotify Can’t Play the Current Song

You’re listening to one of your most-loved songs through Spotify but the music stops, and you get the error message “Why Spotify Can’t Play the Current Song,” or “Spotify can’t play this right now,” or similar. There are a variety of reasons for the errors, as well as simple and quick solutions.

Learn how to fix this typical Spotify error and resolve the root problems with Spotify preferences or your subscription level or app issues. Your tunes will be functioning quickly.

Why Spotify Can’t Play the Current Song?

If Spotify can’t play the current song It is possible to fix the issue by trying these troubleshooting techniques:

  • Start the Spotify app
  • Verifying your internet connection
  • Playback switching to a different device
  • Modifying Spotify’s quality of music settings
  • Downloading the track (if you’re already a Spotify Subscriber)

Learn details about steps you’ll have to take in order to solve this issue further below.

The Spotify Song-Playing Error

There are many options to solve Spotify error messages when playing songs, based on whether you’re getting the error on Spotify on your computer as well as within the Spotify mobile application, or the Spotify web application. Take each step to determine if the solution is the issue.

Restart Spotify

The Spotify application may have stopped working or experienced some kind of glitch. The most efficient way to resolve this is to close the app and then restart Spotify.

In the event that you’re currently using Spotify on your desktop choose the File menu and then Quit Spotify

On the Spotify mobile application, close the app and then open the app. When you’re using the web application close and then restart your browser.

Log Out in the App and then Log In to the App.

If shutting off Spotify isn’t working Try logging out of the app, and then log back into.

When Spotify is installed on your computer, Spotify on your desktop, choose the dropdown arrow beside your name on the right side and then choose Log out. Once you’ve finished logging out then log back in and check if that solves the issue.

Within Spotify’s Spotify application for mobile, click the Settings (gear icon) then tap the profile you want to profile and scroll to the bottom, and tap to log out. Log back into the app to determine if this resolves the issue.

On Spotify’s Spotify application on the web, click the account you wish to account and then click to log out. Log back in and check if this fixes the issue.

Restart Your Computer

If you’re experiencing a playback error with Spotify on your desktop or Spotify web application, try restarting your PC. Restarting your computer can solve the issues in your operating system impacting Spotify and also give the music app a new environment.

Does the app have the correct Date?

When your Spotify app is in need of updating, it might be experiencing strange glitches and errors. To update Spotify manually:

Updating your Spotify Desktop App

  1. Start the Spotify app on your desktop. Spotify application on your desktop.
  2. Choose the Spotify tab > More about Spotify from the menu bar at the top.
  3. Spotify will inform you of the version you’re currently using and whether an update is available. Choose “Update Now to see if an update is available.
  4. There will be a message telling you that Spotify was successfully updated and you must restart your computer to install the latest version. Choose close and then reboot your system.

Switch off streaming in high-quality

There could be problems and errors if you have changed your subscription from to a Premium subscription to a no-cost paid account, however, you didn’t alter the possibility of streaming high-quality music. The best quality playback is only available for Premium Premium users.

Change the quality of music with Spotify from the Desktop

  1. Start Spotify on your desktop, then choose the dropdown arrow in the upper right below your name.
  2. Select the Settings.
  3. In the section called the heading Music Quality Choose Auto or reduce the quality to less than Very High.

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