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Spotify Unveils Exciting New Feature: Jam with Friends on a Shared Playlist

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In a bid to enhance the communal listening experience, Spotify has just introduced an innovative feature named “Jam.” Aimed at fostering musical collaboration among friends and family, this feature allows Premium users to collectively curate a playlist in real-time. The best part? Whether you’re sharing the same physical space or are miles apart, Jam brings people together through the magic of music. While the ability to initiate a Jam session is exclusive to Premium subscribers, Spotify has ensured that even free users can join in on the musical fun.

How Does It Work?

Starting a Jam session is a breeze. Users can simply tap on the speaker icon located at the bottom of Spotify’s interface, or choose the ‘Start a Jam’ option available in the three-dots menu next to songs and playlists. Once initiated, the app intelligently detects and invites other Spotify users on the same Wi-Fi network to join the Jam. Connectivity options abound, with guests being able to hop on board by either scanning the QR code displayed on the host’s phone or by receiving an invite link via the share sheet.

Tailored Music Selections

Spotify understands that musical taste varies among individuals, which is why they’ve made Jam a smart collaborator. As described in their blog post announcing the feature, Jam has the capability to analyze the preferences of all participants and suggest songs that align with everyone’s tastes. This means that Jam will recommend tracks that are sure to be crowd-pleasers, making the listening experience more enjoyable for all involved.

A Shared Queue for All

Once you’re part of a Jam session, you have the power to contribute to the shared playlist. Every participant has the freedom to add their favorite songs, creating a diverse and eclectic music selection. However, the host retains the authority to modify the order of songs and remove any track that might disrupt the party’s vibe. For those who thrive on shared responsibilities, the guest controls option allows participants to collectively manage the playlist’s arrangement.

In a world where music has the power to connect people across borders and time zones, Spotify’s new Jam feature is set to revolutionize how we enjoy our favorite tunes with friends and family. Whether you’re throwing a spontaneous get-together or simply want to stay connected through music, Jam is poised to be your go-to companion for collaborative playlists and shared musical moments. So, gather your squad, start a Jam, and let the good times roll!


1. What is Spotify’s “Jam” feature?

  • Spotify’s “Jam” feature is a new addition that allows Premium users to invite friends and family to collaboratively build and manage a shared playlist in real-time. It facilitates a seamless group listening experience.

2. Who can use the “Jam” feature on Spotify?

  • The “Jam” feature is available exclusively to Spotify Premium subscribers, who can initiate and manage Jam sessions. However, both Premium and free users can participate in a Jam session.

3. How do I start a Jam session on Spotify?

  • To start a Jam session, tap the speaker icon at the bottom of the Spotify interface or select “Start a Jam” from the three-dots menu next to songs and playlists. Spotify will then prompt other users on the same Wi-Fi network to join the session.

4. Can participants in a Jam session add songs to the shared queue?

  • Yes, everyone involved in a Jam session can contribute to the shared playlist by adding their preferred songs. This collaborative approach ensures a diverse and enjoyable music selection.

5. What control does the host have in a Jam session?

  • The host of a Jam session has the authority to change the order of songs in the shared queue and remove any tracks that might not fit the desired vibe of the session. This control helps maintain the musical flow of the group listening experience
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