How To Fix Snapchat Loading Image

It can be frustrating to find your favorite app doesn’t respond, especially when you try to load stories or photos in your Snapchat account. This can be frustrating. There are ways to fix this problem. We will be discussing various ways to fix Snapchat photos that aren’t opening.

What do you do if Snapchat won’t open Snaps?

Although it’s not clear why Snapchat crashes when loading photos, it is quite common. Switching between WiFi and mobile data is the best way to fix it. Then, reopen Snapchat. You can also check if the problem is only you or if it is happening to everyone. If the problem persists and you are unable to resolve it, there is a guide that will help you fix Snapchat photos that won’t open. For more information please visit gb whatsapp pro apk download.

Why are my Snapchat photos not opening?

Snapchat, a multimedia messaging app, is one of today’s most popular apps. It is loved by millennials for its ability to have conversations via photos and use the most creative filters.

The app’s features allow you to keep streaks and capture every moment of your activities through photos and short videos. This allows you to engage with the other users. The app’s most distinctive feature is that the photos disappear after the recipient has seen them. They have also added many new features over the years.

The app is full of surprises, such as new creative filters and slow loading photos/stories. Many users complained about their photos not opening properly or the camera crash. Let’s find out what the problem could be and how we can fix it.

  • Snapchat may have an update you don’t have installed yet.
  • The app has too much-cached data.
  • Your network connection is not stable.
  • The app is currently unavailable.

There could also be other technical issues. There are solutions to every glitch that could cause the app not to work. Continue reading to learn how to fix these errors.

How to fix Snapchat photos-not opening issue?

Solution 1 – Restart your Mobile Phone
To fix any error, the most common and basic solution is to restart your phone. Then, reopen the application. If it doesn’t load, you will need to restart your phone. Depending on your operating system, here are the steps to reboot your phone. conversations via photos previously editing them with the layer mask and use the most creative filters.

    • Android users: Hold the power and volume buttons together. Follow the steps on the next screen. You will see the Reboot option on some phones if you long-press the power button. Click on reboot.
    • IOS users: Hold the Volume button down and then push the power button until you see the Apple logo.
  • If the Snapchat error persists, rebooting is not an option. Let’s look at the next solution.
  • Snapchat Loading Image & Picture
    Some people with a gray screen will need to use the tap on the snap to load pictures. The tap on the snap will be a solution for them.
    Tap to load is not available for everyone. To check if the latest version is available, go to the application store. For many other users, the error-free Snapchat update is available. Snapchat users who are using an older version of Snapchat must update to enjoy a better experience.
    You can also clear the Snapchat loading screen by clearing the most recent snaps.
    Snapchat’s recent tweet is for those suffering from this problem and they plan to fix it in their next update, we hope.
    This issue is being reported by users of the iPhone, Samsung, Nexus, and Nexus. It is possible to save phone memory by deleting old chats and other unimportant chit chat.

Solution 2 – Allow Your Snapchat Permission:

You need to ensure that your app has the correct permissions to run properly. Snapchat requires access permissions to Phone, Location, and Storage. The app will display certain error messages even if one isn’t ticked. The following steps will allow you to check Snapchat’s permissions for your phone:

    • Open Snapchat – Click on Profile – Check Settings and tap Permissions. This will show you the permissions that are missing. It will enable it.
    • If the error persists, check it out.

Solution 3 – Clear the Snapchat Cache

Each application you use downloads media to your phone. Snapchat is a multimedia app that downloads media files, including videos and photos. Snapchat photos may not load if one of these files becomes corrupted. Clear the Snapchat cache. Here’s how:

  • Go to Settings – Applications – Snapchat – Storage. Tap on “Clear Cache”.
  • Open Snapchat – Click on your profile and go to Settings. Scroll down to the bottom to select “Clear Cache”.

Solution 4 – Check for an unstable internet connection

Unstable network connections can also cause problems when loading the app. Switch between your WiFi and mobile network. If the problem is with your router’s WiFi, restart it. It is possible to unplug the router for five minutes, then plug it in again and check. If that fails, you can change the WiFi DNS.

Solution 5 – Change Your WiFi DNS

DNS is a Domain Name System (DNS) that is connected to the Internet and uses the IP (Internet Protocol). Sometimes, an app’s smooth operation can be affected by changing its DNS. These are the steps to modify your WiFi DNS

  • Navigate to Settings, then to WiFi settings. Click Modify Network. This will open the network options.
  • Click on Advanced Settings – Change IP Settings To Static.
  • Now, change DNS1 or SND1 to or This is Google DNS.
  • Connect the app right now to see if it connects.

Solution 6 – Remove and Re-Add Your Snapchat Friends

It is similar to clearing the air: you can remove and re-add a friend. These are the steps to remove a friend.

  • Go to My Snapchat Profile – Friends – Removing the friend from your friend’s list.
  • Now, add them back to the account.
  • Send/receive snaps from the person to see if it fixes the problem.

Removing a friend means that all snaps sent or received by them are lost.

Solution 7 – Clear the Snapchat Conversation

Examine whether the problem is occurring when snaps are sent from a specific user or if it is happening for all of your friends. If Snapchat photos are not loading from a particular user, you’ll need to delete the conversation. Here are the steps to end a Snapchat conversation

  • Go to the particular account.
  • Click on Settings at the top right corner – Privacy – Clear conversation
  • If you wish to delete multiple conversations, go to Settings – Account actions and select Clear Conversations. You can choose which conversations you wish to delete.

All snaps received and sent during a conversation will be permanently deleted when you end it.

Solution 8 – Reinstall or Update Snapchat

If none of these steps work, you can always delete the app and reinstall it. You will be able to download the latest version of the app while you are downloading it. You can uninstall the app by long-pressing on its icon. You can reinstall the app by going to the App Store. The error should now be corrected.

Learn how to fix photos and videos that have been corrupted by using an easy process.

What should you do if your videos or photos get corrupted by snaps?

Your data can be corrupted, which is one of the worst things about the apps. Snapchat’s use is based on multi-media of photos and videos. It is more difficult to lose all your data due to something that isn’t your fault. It’s not over, though. You can easily retrieve your data with Wondershare repair it in just a few steps. We’ll show you how.

Wondershare Repair provides a one-stop solution for repairing corrupt files, including videos and photos. You can repair damaged content with this free online service. You can fix Snapchat photos and videos that are damaged by following these steps:

  • Get Wondershare Repair software for your computer.
  • Start the software and click on the “Photo Repair” option.
  • On your screen, you will see the ‘Add’ button. You can add the photos or the location of the photos that have been corrupted.
  • Click on Repair, and then wait for the application to work its magic.
  • After the repair is complete, you will see a thumbnail of the “repaired” images.
  • Click on the “save” button to export your photos.
  • The same steps should be followed for your videos.


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