How To Fix Youtube Watch Later Not Working Issue In 2022

Are you fed up with YouTube Watch Later Not Working? Read this article for a quick solution here!!

YouTube has become an integral element in our daily lives. It doesn’t matter what category of age we are in. From babies to senior citizens all are avid fans of Youtube. However, in the last few weeks, you may be aware that Youtube Watch later feature is not working as it should. Youtube is no longer only an entertainment platform more Many influencers and people have made it their full-time profession and have made substantial amounts from the platform.

It is important to know that Youtube is a video-sharing online platform that is owned by and based in California. It was launched by Google in 2006 and spent around $1.65B USD. Therefore, if we claim that Youtube is an affiliate of Google and Google, then there’s no doubt about the matter.

If you’re one of those users that are experiencing Youtube view later issues or not working well, then this guide will definitely assist you.

What are the next videos you can watch on YouTube? A Quick overview

Watch later is a feature that lets you watch videos later at any time. It is possible that you enjoy a particular video, but you don’t have the time for an overview of it, so you can make use of this option to record videos for later viewing. It’s basically a playlist that the user can make to store all the videos you might like to see later on and not have to search for this once more.

Youtube is a platform with many features where you upload or watch many videos, make an individual playlist create an account for yourself, follow and share the videos of your favorite celebrities. “Watch Later” is probably the most frequently used feature available on Youtube. It allows users to save their favorite videos and separate them from other playlists to be watched later. However, as we’ve been told, a lot of users are experiencing problems with the “watch later” feature on Youtube in the sense that when they save their videos in the category of watch later the video doesn’t show up to the watch later category.

How do I fix the problem that is YouTube Watch Later Not Working

Youtube has an extensive collection of media including music videos, TV shows and trailers live streams gaming and much many more. There was a time when the media on Youtube was only available to individuals for entertainment, however, the platform has grown considerably afterward.

Nowadays, many media companies and music businesses such as T-Series have also made use of the platform to promote their official music video. Large news media companies have launched their official YouTube channels, and their popularity is so great that millions of people regularly visit their channels on a regular basis. The people who have made money range between thousands and lakhs of dollars on a daily basis by using this.

Furthermore, YouTube also provides some music content that is paid in addition to exclusive users. Videos and music are freely available to everyone, but only premium users are able to enjoy ad-free services. Youtube also has introduced Youtube music for all music lovers, where music lovers can listen to every type of music for free of cost.

It is necessary to follow the steps below to solve this issue:

  • First, you must launch or open your Youtube application.
  • You can also access YouTube’s official website with any internet browser.
  • If you’ve already signed in to your Google account, first sign out of it.
  • After that, you can log in using those login credentials.
  • Then, you can reinstall the Youtube application.
  • Go to the playlist option in YouTube’s app.
  • Here you can find an option to set the options.
  • Change the order in which you watch the videos in accordance with “date added(newest)”.
  • Once all of the steps mentioned above are taken and the computer is functioning properly.
  • However, in the event that you’re not able to connect to the watch later option, make sure you can try the other solutions listed below.

Methods for resolving minor YouTube issues

Completely close the YouTube app.

For this to happen, you must quit the app, completely by using the Youtube application, so that any other related programs or apps are running in the background, can be closed and reopened at the beginning.

Verify your connection

Also, you must check your internet connection. Sometimes, if connectivity isn’t good, certain features of the app do not work. We recommend that you conduct tests of speed on the device you use for the internet provider. Also, you can make an immediate test of your speed using the app’s recommendations.

Enhance your connection

If the speeds tested do not meet the standards If you are not satisfied, then test it with other apps, too.

Test other applications or programs installed on your device

If the same issue persists on other apps and also those that require internet connectivity You must reach out to your internet service providers immediately.

Check for app and system update

Sometimes, it’s also the case that you are using an earlier version of Youtube that isn’t compatible with the latest features. Therefore, ensure that you are using the latest version of the application that you’re using. If you don’t have it first try getting it first.

Clean cache, and other data

Additionally, this is an effective solution to the problem that causes YouTube Watch Later Not Working. In order to solve this issue, you will need to delete the cache or the data by accessing the settings menu of your device. This will eliminate any temporary and junk files in order to free up space.


Uninstall/reinstall YouTube app

If the steps above fail, then try uninstalling and then reinstall the YouTube application to fix any streaming issues.

How do you remove all the watch later videos on YouTube

If you’re using Android phones as well as iPhones For those using iPhones and Android phones, the YouTube application offers the option to erase all videos that are saved under the Watch Later tab. This is what you must do.

If you’d like to remove any videos you watched later for a fresh start and start over, it’s an easy job. Follow the steps in the following steps for doing this

  • First, download the app.
  • If you click here on the interface, you’ll see the option Library on the right-bottom edge of your screen.
  • Click the.
  • In this case, you will see the option to watch later.
  • Once you’ve successfully entered the”watch later” category three-dot icon will be displayed at the right-hand corner.
  • Select that option and click Remove Watched Videos then click Remove to confirm your choice.


Hello everyone, this article is about the YouTube Watch Later Not Working issue. We’ve talked about a myriad of solutions to solve this problem. What are you waiting to try the suggestions on there and tell us what worked for you? If there is a method you think was ignored by us, please make sure to mention the reason why. We can then include it in the future. If you find the article useful, then please be sure to share it and then follow us on Twitter for updates like this.

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