9 Amazing Apps To Customize Your iPhone Screen Design

When iOS 14 has been downloaded to your iPhone, widgets are available for your iPhone Home Screen.

Choose which aesthetic you like. Are you looking for pastel tones?

Let’s look at some popular apps that personalize your home screen. Here are some features we can expect.

1. Widgetsmith

widget smith is highly rated in the AppStore with more than 400,000 user reviews.

The iPhone app allows you to personalize your Home Screen. It also lets you create your gradient wallpaper.

Widgetsmith also allows you to set up widgets to appear on the Home Screen.

2. Color Widgets

Color Widgets are loved by more than 30 million users. Many themes have simple icons and flat designs. It’s a great way to make your iPhone feel more elegant and fashionable.


The three main categories are: Gradient, Neutral, and Minimal. Gaming, Anime, Pride, and others are available.

There are many premade widgets available from . These can be used as a brightener for your Home Screen, such as Quotes and Countdown.

3. Brass

3 Images

Brass is a hugely-popular app. It’s ranked among the top 3 of 36 nations in the App Store Graphics and Design Category.

There are many themes for Brass. As well as seasonal themes, you can also find Christmas ones.

An iPhone widget, such as Weather and Calendar, will be required. There are also transparent options. To make the widget seamlessly blend into your Home Screen you just need to snap a picture and send it to Brass.

4. ScreenKit

ScreenKit continues to be a popular program. ScreenKit requires you to choose the style, interests and preferences you want when you open the app.

ScreenKit is a collection of classic aesthetic themes that include Pastel (Minimalism), Solid Color, and Pastel.

5. Kit for aesthetics

Aesthetic Kit includes Retro, Neon and music as its cool themes. AestheticTool users can share themes with you, and even vote for your favorites. If you cannot find a theme that fits your needs, you may be able to create one and then share with everyone.

You can create themes and widgets in the app, as well as artistic keyboard styles. This gives your iPhone a unique look.

Photo Widget

This photo widget is easy to use and has a lot of cuteness. Enjoy these animated cartoons to add some fun to your day.

The theme list in the Photo Widget shows adorable animal faces that will look back at us every time we unlock our iPhones.

Photo Widget offers the best part. Unlike other apps on this web page, it is totally free.

7. Themify

Themify is a collection of iPhone themes. The icons you can only download if your Home Screen doesn’t need to be changed.

UltraHD options allow you to create stunning wallpapers.

8. App Icons

Use the app icons to quickly change your home screen. Scroll to see all of the horizontal themes that are available, including minimalist black-andwhite options and nature-inspired ones.

The app has a collection of live wallpapers. They are divided into categories like Water Cities, Fire Fire and Landscapes.

9. Icon

Icon Themer curates a variety of themes related to festive, stylistic hand-drawings.

Icon Themer lacks as many themes options as popular apps like ScreenKit. ScreenKit. Brass. ScreenKit. Icon Themer.

Icons can be made from a variety of icons.

Create a customized iPhone Home Screen with Ease

These iPhone customization software are great for displaying personal style on your iPhone Home Screen.

Widgetsmith gives you many customization options. Installing all other apps takes just a few minutes.

How do you scan a QR code on a Samsung Galaxy Device?

It’s a favorite among Android users. You can also get quick software updates and Samsung Knox Security. You don’t need to install third-party apps to perform the same tasks.

Samsung smartphones come pre-installed with a QR code scanner. This allows users to scan QR codes quickly and perform actions like opening web pages or making payments.

What is a QR Code? What are QR codes and what do they serve?

Quick Response codes (or QR codes) are type barcodes that include machine-readable information. QR codes do not encode data using the distance between vertical lines. Instead, they store data using squares. This gives the patterns an additional dimension and allows them to store more information than standard barcodes. QR codes can be used to have fun.

QR codes scan faster than traditional barcodes. QR codes are characterized by black and white squares at the corners. They can be used to help scanners like your Android camera or iPhone camera, identify the QR Code and determine its orientation.

There are many ways to scan the QR code on your Samsung tablet/phone. Let’s review.

1. Samsung QR Scanner. How to scan a QR Code

The Quick Setting panel can be used to scan a code from a Samsung device.

  1. Scroll down to access Quick Settings. Click “Scan QR Code”
  2. Once the camera app launches, point your device at the QR codes that you want to scan. To improve visibility in dark areas, you can use the flashlight
  3. After scanning the QR Code, you will see three options: View full text/Search Web and Open in browser. The options displayed may differ depending on the information you have about the QR Code.

2. How to scan QR codes using the Samsung Camera app

Depending on the version of One UI, your Samsung smartphone might be able to scan QR codes through its viewfinder. If this is not the case you will need to activate the feature.

  1. To begin, use the camera. Then, use cam Settings.
  2. You can toggle on scanning QR codes.
  3. Point your camera at the viewfinder to scan QR code

3. Gallery Photo can be used for scanning a QR code

You can scan codes in real-life. Images can also be scanned from your phone gallery.

  1. Scroll down to access Quick Settings. Click “Scan QR Code”
  2. Open the camera app by clicking on the Gallery symbol.
  3. Choose a QR code image in your gallery. Click Finish
  4. Bixby Vision can scan QR codes in images to give you the relevant results.

4. Samsung Internet Browser: Scanning a QR Code

  1. Get started with the Samsung Internet browser.
  2. Scroll down to the bottom of the hamburger menu and select the three horizontal stripes.
  3. Scroll to Setting > Layout & menu > Customize Menu.
  4. Drag and drop the QRCode scanner table into your menu.
  5. To open the QRCode scanner, tap on the hamburger menu.

The embedded link is opened when you scan the Samsung Internet QR Code. This speeds up the entire process.

Samsung QR scanner can be used to quickly perform actions

QR codes are a standard feature in today’s digital world. You can find them in restaurants, shops, and online shopping portals. QR codes can be found on many social media platforms, including WhatsApp and Discord. These codes allow users to sign in quickly to their desktop accounts.

Android users can also use Google Lens and third-party apps. Samsung smartphones come with a QR scanner that works flawlessly. It is very precise, quick and convenient.

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