The eight Best Hot Swappable Mechanical Keyboards


If you like mechanical keyboards, you have at the least glanced on the deep international of custom builds. Custom mechanical keyboards may be amazing, however they may be additionally costly and complex to construct. Soldering switches, in particular, may be intimidating. This is wherein warm-swapping comes in.

A keyboard being warm-swappable manner the PCB (which, in reality put, is the circuit board withinside the keyboard) has unique sockets so you can click on switches into location and pull them out with out ever wanting to the touch a soldering gun. Meaning, while it comes time for a change, you don’t ought to spend hours desoldering switches.

So, in case you’re seeking out a warm-swappable keyboard to get a flavor of the custom mechanical keyboard international, those are your high-satisfactory alternatives.

What to Look a like for in a Hot Swappable Keyboard

The 8 Best Hot Swappable Mechanical Keyboards – Review Geek

While the marketplace surrounding warm-swappable keyboards proper now could be restrained, it doesn’t suggest you must accept simply any board.


Once you begin searching into mechanical keyboards, you’ll quick recognize what number of layouts are out there. All of the forums in this listing use both the Full, tenkeyless (TKL), 75%, or 60% layouts. TKL and 75% forums have maximum of the keys of a complete board, minus the numpad. And, 60% forums are ultra-compact, commonly cheaper, however lose lots of keys withinside the process (along with the committed arrow keys). You’ll want to determine what format works for you.

Switch Compatibility: All of the forums in this listing are well matched with any MX-fashion transfer (manufacturers like Cherry, Gateron, Kailh, and Outemu).

Additional Features: RGB lights, macros, or maybe simply adjustable kickstands can cross an extended manner to creating your keyboard better—each in appears and functionality.

Build Quality:

 Mechanical keyboards aren’t cheap, so that you’ll need to ensure the case that surrounds the PCB and the keycaps are really well worth the rate tag. When it involves keycaps in particular, you’ll need double-shot keycaps for optimum longevity—there also are the one-of-a-kind plastics like ABS and PBT that may be used, with PBT typically being the better (however greater costly) option.

Connection: If making a decision to head wi-fi your alternatives are lots greater restrained. There are simplest  forums right here with wi-fi support (the Keychron K6 and K8), meanwhile, each board right here helps a stressed connection. As time is going on greater wi-fi forums will in all likelihood release, however for now, the selections are few and a ways among.

DROP’s CTRL keyboard has been praised for its deep customization alternatives, and for right reason. It has completely programmable macros, a removable USB-C twine, RGB backlighting, and—most significantly for this listing—warm-swappable switches.

You additionally have pretty some alternatives while ordering the keyboard. You can pick among a low or excessive profile and 6 one-of-a-kind key switches (CherryThe MX Blue Cherry MX Brown Halo Clear Halo True Kaihua Box White and Kaihua Box Silver Here You also can get a barebones board, that’s simply the frame with out switches or keycaps, in case you’re making plans on changing the ones right away anyway.

As a ways as construct first-rate is going, the frame of the board has a slick aluminum (with an RGB strip underneath it) body to preserve the board feeling sturdy, and the double-shot PBT keycaps appearance and sense exceptional. It additionally has magnetic rubberized ft that assist perspective the board and preserve it in location.

To customise the RGB lights and application macros, you’ll want to visit DROP’s on line keyboard configurator, on the way to will let you customise the whole lot after which flash it without delay onto the keyboard’s memory. (Meaning, the customization can be stored no matter what laptop you plug into.)

For the ones seeking out a flavor of the custom mechanical keyboard international, the CTRL clearly receives you closest with out completely stepping in.

Best Compact DROP ALT Mechanical Keyboard 

If saving table area is your major concern, the DROP ALT has all the top notch functions and deep customization the CTRL has, however in a smaller shape factor. The ALT uses a 65% keyboard format, this means that in assessment to the CTRL, it’s lacking the committed characteristic keys and 5 of the navigation keys.

All the last keys are grouped together, that may look like too cramped, however in case you make an effort to modify to it, you’ll in no way reflect onconsideration on that again.

It has the identical transfer alternatives because the CTRL, and you could additionally get it in a excessive or low profile (with the excessive profile in black, and the low withinside the gray you notice above).

Best Mid-Range: Glorious Modular Mechanical Keyboard (GMMK)

If the whole lot however the rate of the CTRL and ALT sounds exceptional to you, the Glorious Modular Mechanical Keyboard (GMMK) offers you lots of the identical for less.

The keyboard is warm-swappable and you could get it in 3 sizes: complete, TKL, or 60%. The real board has a sandblasted aluminum plate, keycaps which might be made from doubleshot ABS plastic, fold-out ft to assist perspective the board, and you’ve got the choice of thirteen one-of-a-kind key switches, now no longer such as the barebones version.

You additionally get complete RGB lights and the capacity to application macros in case you deployation the GMMK software program.

Best for Simplicity: Logitech G PRO X

If you need a secure and easy course to warm-swapping, Logitech is your high-satisfactory bet.

The G PRO X has a few of the identical functions we’ve already visible: completely customizable RGB lights, programmable macros (despite the fact that it’s oddly restrained to the Function keys), and the selection among 3 transfer types (GX Blue Clicky,  GX Red Linear, or GX Brown Tactile). While the ones are the simplest alternatives out of the box, it’s really well worth noting that the board is well matched with any MX fashion transfer.

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