How to Make VLC Your Default Media Player

VLC Media Player lets you view and listen to videos. It can also play audio and video CDs, as well as DVDs.

VLC is a program you can install on your PC. It is available for free.

Make VLC the default player for a Mac

VLC is a default player that you can set to play a song or video.

  1. Right-click an audio or video file that you want to open. Use two fingers to tap the trackpad on a laptop.
  2. Then select Get Info.
  3. ClickOpen With. Next click Open with. To see your current default player and any other video players you have installed, click open with.
  4. Modify your app to VLC.
  5. Click Change All… A prompt will appear. Click Continue.

VLC will not open all files. You can also use VLC to play other video and audio formats.

Making VLC the default player for Windows 10

VLC has many options to open your videos automatically.

  1. Click on the Start Button. It is located in the lower-left corner of your screen.
  2. Click Settings. Type “Settings”, or click the search button.
  3. Next, click Apps.
  4. Select Default apps. You can find this information in the left sidebar.
  5. Next click on the button below the video player. Movies & Television could be your default video player.
  6. Select VLC from the drop-down menu. VLC can also be selected under Music player.

You can also do this by opening an audio/video file.

  1. Click on the drop-down menu, and hover over Open With. Next, choose Choose another app.

VLC will not open all files. Other audio and video formats such as.mp4 will also be opened with VLC. You can follow the same steps for other formats.

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