what is com.android.mms in your phones?

It appears to be a reverse URL. It’s always an error message that is vexing in the case of MMS. What specifically is “com.android.mms” on your android? The com.android.mms is 100% safe, and should it not cause any issues, you are able to just ignore it.

Today there are so many different methods for sending text messages which you’ve probably already tried using various messaging applications, regardless of whether you’re using the iPhone or Android. You’ve likely also encountered popular text messaging apps for mobile devices such as iMessage, WhatsApp, and WeChat in addition to abbreviations like MMS and SMS. MMS.

How do I define MMS?

Before we can explain ‘com.android.mms”, it is essential to first be aware of MMS. The MMS (multimedia message service) is a text message service that makes use of the same technology as SMS (short message service). MMS is a system for messaging that is focused on sending multimedia messages. Contact information, as well as audio and video files, as well as images, are just a few of the kinds of rich content that are available for MMS messages.

A brief overview of ‘com.android.mms’

MMS is an excellent device to have if wish to send images or videos that contain audio files from one device to another. When you use the inside of your Android phone, you will find many folders, and to enable them to work in perfect harmony the framework of naming for applications with similar names was designed. If you’re looking to locate an MMS model, your URL will be ‘com.android.mms’.

The names of codes like ‘com.android.mms have two functions. Based on the way you interpret this, Com.android.mms could be an application, a package or process, or even a route. In short, the format is a unique identification code for multimedia messaging services (also known as MMS).

A Comprehensive Explanation of What ‘com.android.mms is?

Every Android application has the same name as the one you’re searching for. Have you come across the APK file? APK refers to Android Package Kit which means when you’ve downloaded third-party Android apps in the form of the form of APK file, then you’re probably more comfortable with it.

This Android software is developed exactly the same way an app is, with the exception that it is compiled with all the resources and code are put together into a single file. The app’s name, Messages, is more accessible to users, the package’s APK’s code will be com.android.mms.


  • Process

The process is the process that an app or package is designed to perform. Problems with the com.android process are usually caused by corrupted applications. There could be corrupt information on your device but it may also be due to a software glitch. It’s important to remember that if your Android device is running low on memory old processes could stop.

  • Package

The default messaging application on your phone is called com.android.mms Android package. To avoid clashes and to prevent clashes, all Android apps are branded with a unique package name, however, this does not mean all messaging apps on the market have the same package name.

  • Product

The product is created when the process transforms into packaging. For instance”Messages” is the final product of process + packaging.

What is the reason for ‘com.android.mms error?

Everyone hates seeing an error message displayed on the screen of their phone. It’s impossible to read MMS or SMS messages? If you’re trying to send a text message, does the texting application that you use on your phone abruptly cease? This is a fairly frequent issue. Naturally, being unable to send messages or access the settings for your MMS or SMS is a major inconvenience.

What com.android.mms isn’t it?

Now that we’ve covered what com.android.mms is and what it’s not. After threats such as Stagefright, it’s not surprising that unanswered MMS-related messages can cause panic. This is only exacerbated by certain antivirus software that perceives com.android.mms as an “threat” for at some point (ahem, Webroot). However, com.android.mms is just your messaging application. By definition, its appearance on your smartphone does not suggest that you’ve been targeted or caught a harmful virus. Does com.android.mms the sole package name for Android messaging applications. It’s not but it’s the most popular one.

If you’re seeing errors with com.android.mms It does not mean that everything is well with the world as well as your Android. It doesn’t mean they’re gone neither. Inflicted attacks that are malicious such as Stagefright typically don’t be visible as an error in the messaging system (although everything is possible). MMS was just the means through which the attack was transmitted.

Android has since fixed this issue, however, should you wish to take a step of cautiousness in your MMS, here’s the most effective method to take. Enter settings for your MMS, and then turn off the auto-retrieving feature and avoid tapping on any message from anyone that you don’t know. It’s likely not required since this security vulnerability was remedied.

What can be done to fix this issue?

There are a variety of solutions to fix this error on your phone. This is a comprehensive guide on how to solve this issue.

Clear Cache

  1. Eliminate the cache of SMS applications.
  2. If you experience this problem, the first option is to clean out the cache of the SMS or MMS software you’re using to manage your messages. In the majority of instances, this method of manipulation will help you resolve most of your MMS or SMS issues.
  3. Navigate to the phone’s settings.
  4. Choose the Parameters option from the menu dropdown.
  5. Select the All option.
  6. Choose between SMS / MMS application.
  7. Clear your cache using the Clear tab.

Restart your device

Another solution to this problem is to reboot your phone. It only takes about a minute and will not impact the settings. The simplest and most efficient method is to reboot your Android phone. Although restarting your device is not going to solve all your issues but it can aid in solving a lot of them. The system will be turned off and back on. If your phone has stopped working then follow the steps below.

  1. Press the power button for just a few minutes.
  2. Choose”Restart. “Restart” alternative.
  3. The system will then turn off and back on after that, think about using the default messaging to see if the issue persists.

Reset your smartphone

If the problem ‘com.android.mms’ persists then you might want to attempt resetting your mobile. This drastic approach will erase all your phone’s information including pictures documents, addresses, other information, and more.

In order to recover the files on your phone, it will be reset and you’ll need to undergo the initial set-up process all over again. Because this wipes the data off on your Android device, it is possible to save your data in the event of incidental damage.

  1. Navigate to the phone’s settings.
  2. Choose option Save and Reset option.
  3. Choose “Factory reset of data” by selecting the menu drop-down.
  4. Scroll to the “Reset button “Reset click” then, if needed enter your password.


    Have you seen two apps that have similar names? It’s not uncommon. But you’ll never see two apps that have the same names in Google Play. Names for packages are distinct.

    This particular package’s with the name com.android.mms It is one which is used by the majority of people regularly. Have you ever sent a text message with more than 160 characters? Most likely, you sent it via MMS. Did you send a photo through text? It was actually via MMS. The same function is available to audio and video messages using Android’s messaging application.

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