How To Rotate Video Android: All You Need To Know

No matter if it’s a tablet or your smartphone, you can make use of Google Photos to know how to rotate video android that was shot in the wrong direction. All you require is a Google account, and Google Photos. Google Photos app installed on your phone. For the majority of Android phones, it is included in the Google Suite of apps. Google Suite of apps. It is connected with the Google account that you have to access your mobile.

Upload your video How To Rotate Video Android videos to Google Photos

Before you rotate a movie, upload the video to Google Photos.

  1. Launch your Gallery on your Android tablet or phone.
  2. Click the video you wish to upload, and then click from the “Share” icon.
  3. Choose to upload your photos.
  4. If there are several Google Accounts, choose the account you’d like to upload the video too.

The Best Way to Rearrange Your Videos Google Photos

After the video is added onto Google, log into your Google account, you can change the rotation.

  1. Go to Google Photos from your Android phone, and then tap to the Search bar.
  2. Select Videos Select the video you wish to rotate.
  3. Press to reveal the slide bacon (it’s on the lower left of the screen, in the center).
  4. Choose the option to rotate until the video is oriented in the direction you would like it to be.
  5. Choose to Save.


You can rotate any video that you recorded and then download it onto your smartphone. You can’t rotate videos you download via the web. The video must be downloaded to your phone and later uploaded onto Google Photos to adjust it in a proper manner.

If you turn a film, you turn the video’s orientation. If you took a picture in portrait mode and then tilted your phone to landscape, the phone can rotate the video. If, however, you recorded it in landscape mode, and the video was shot that way instead of changing to a different orientation, the phone turns the video to ensure that it’s oriented to the side.

You can alter how a movie from your smartphone. You’ll require video editing software like iMovie to Mac and Windows Movie Maker. These programs can rotate a video and alter its aspect of the video to make it appear exactly how you like it.

Other Options

The easiest method to rotate images to rotate photos is Google Photos, other apps allow you to rotate videos. However, the majority of them have advertisements, require you to be charged for services or are plagued by issues with their usability. Two of the most highly-rated video rotation applications include The Rotate video FX along with the Smart Video Rotate and Flip.


There’s a war raging in the world. It’s not on the news, and you won’t find it in the newspaper, but it’s occurring. It’s a battle that we don’t often even think about: the battle against videos that are not properly oriented. Have a video appearing upside down? Here’s how to rotate video android 90 degrees on Android.

It’s usually because the phone didn’t change its position when you began making a video. If this happens, you will end up with a flipped video. You held your device in landscape mode however, it took a picture in portrait mode. This is something I’ve experienced more times than I want to admit.

At other times it is possible to rotate your smartphone during recording the video. If this happens the video’s orientation will not change, but instead see the video appearing normal, suddenly turn in the opposite direction (or reversed). The problem is that in order you to turn the image you’ll also need to reduce it–you can’t turn the video in half, however, which is a shame. It’s all or nothing.


The bright side is that the ability to rotate videos on Android isn’t any more difficult. We’ll use Google’s Photos app to guide us through this lesson If you don’t are using it, download it here. The app is free. Let’s go through this.

If you’re making your first attempt using Google Photos, you’ll set your Back up and settings for Sync initially. You can find out more information about these settings here however your default setting is typically ideal that is, free, unlimited uploads with “high quality” (read compressed slightly), and upload using Wi-Fi. Simply press “Done” to exit out of the tiny window and get your rotation on.

After you’ve got the setup completed You can now find the video you want to turn. Tap to play it.

The video is likely to play automatically once you start it So feel free to stop it. If you tap the screen, the controls for the video will be loaded. Tap the pencil icon located at the lower right at the bottom of the screen.

It will bring up the Photos editing menu. If you’re looking to cut the video in any way it is possible to do so by using the slider that appears on the thumbnails, just below the video’s image. For a deeper understanding of cutting and cutting, check out our video tutorial.

After trimming is removed (or in the event that you don’t have to cut at all) then take an extra look at the below of the screen. There’s an option that says “Rotate.” Click it.

Poop! Like magic, the video turns. Simply keep tapping the button until you feel the orientation is right. When it is then pressing on the “Save” button located in the upper right corner.

It’ll take about a second to save the video, which is saved as a copy but not overwriting the original. Once you’re done, you’re done. The new video that is correctly oriented is now packaged and is ready to go.



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