Top Best IPTV Apps for Android and iOS in 2022

When discussing streaming online it is the phrase International Protocol Television (IPTV) is used often. However, the majority of people don’t have any idea about this particular cord-cutter service. If you’re not sure about it, don’t worry. Because you’re certainly not the sole one. Many of us, either knowingly or unknowingly, have been taking benefit of IPTV streams for many years. Thus it is possible that a paradigm shift in broadcasting methods can be observed. IPTV is the primary factor in the decline of traditional broadcasting techniques such as satellite TV, cable, and satellite TV.

What is IPTV?

To get a better understanding of the subject Let’s consider IPTV in terms of IP and TV as TV. In this case, IP is the abbreviation for Internet Protocol and TV is the abbreviation for television. Together, they create Internet Protocol Television a.k.a. IPTV.

Instead of receiving the broadcast signals through the traditional media, the content is downloaded or streamed via Internet connections. In simple terms, we could refer to the process of broadcasting and transmitting TV signals and programs over the internet is known as IPTV.

Don’t be confused IPTV is a bit different from the digital video that is viewed by millions of users on YouTube. The viewers have the benefit of picking the programs they’d like to watch anytime they wish. IPTV transmits movies and shows using a standard internet connection. It is a way of not broadcasting shows at a certain date and time as with no-IPTV, IPTV will use video on demand ( Netflix, Hulu, Amazon Prime, and other streaming services) or time-shifted media (limited shelf time).

We now know the basics of what IPTV has to offer and also how it operates, we can now understand how it works. Let’s find out about the top IPTV apps available to use on iPhone or Android 2022.

1. Ottplayer – All your IPTV in one playlist

Enjoy your favorite TV shows with your family and friends at home or any other location that has Internet connectivity. Ottplayer is one of the most effective IPTV players because it’s an easy video streaming application that is designed to work with the latest platforms such as iOS, Android, Samsung SMART TV. With it, you can keep all of your IPTV streaming channels in one location, change the channels’ order, download the program guide, and more. Additionally, you can add and edit playlists, as well as add or remove channels groups.

Features: Ottplayer

  • Support playlists from M3U,
  • The HLS support is available, RTSP, TS by UDP, RTMP streaming formats
  • Customize channel icons
  • Easy sync on all devices
  • Ad-free
  • Easy management of playlists

2. IPTV Strike

Are you a sports enthusiast? Sure, this is the best and most appropriate IPTV app for you in 2021. IPTV strike like the name implies lets you stream your favorite streaming live HD sport. Additionally, using this IPTV application for Android as well as iOS you can stream more than 1500 movies as well as enjoy TV shows. All VODs have been updated on a regular basis and offer strong streaming services to ensure that there is no freezing.

Features: IPTV Strike

  • Live chat available 24/7, 24/7 customer service
  • Supports MAG Dreamlink T1 Avov Android WebTV Kodi
  • HD and SD high-quality content
  • Stable service provider

3. GSE Smart IPTV Pro  Advanced IPTV Solution for Android

A fully-customized Advanced IPTV software that supports different formats for playlists including XTREAM and M3U – CODES API. With it, you can stream non-live streaming services such as M3U, JSON, etc. This top IPTV application available for Android as well as iOS provides the perfect solution to your needs. In addition, it comes with a GSE playlist manager that lets you manage your playlists on the iOS platform. Users can download HTTP remote playlists to their local playlist. In addition, GSE Smart IPTV Pro includes dynamic language support that lets you view the music playlists, etc.

Features: GSE Smart IPTV Pro

  • Built-in player can support all of the commonly used formats, including tokens from RTMP
  • Supports Chromecast, Xtream Codes API
  • Automatic VOD and live playlists, which includes EPG
  • Supports parental control
  • Paste and copy M3U contents
  • Dynamic language switching, multi themes

4. IPTV – Smarters

Live TV, Series, and video on demand (VOD) with your Android devices with this fantastic streamer for video. The best IPTV application is easy to use and has a built-in player to be powerful. This means that you don’t need an external player to work with any format. With IPTV Smarter lets you stream live or live-stream and even watch VOD. To make use of it, you just require an internet connection that has at least 5MB of bandwidth.

Features – IPTV Smarter:

  • Supports Xtream Codes API
  • Supports loading M3U files/URL
  • Supports EPG and parental control
  • Built-in player
  • Supports dynamic switch of languages, as well as embedded subtitles

5. RIPTV – the best IPTV app available for Android and iOS

Stream your music on Android or iOS with the rIPTV. This top IPTV application turns your smartphone into a television. You can select the shows you want to watch and stream them to both your iOS as well as Android devices. This fantastic app provides Electronic Program Guide (EPG) to import your IPTV playlist, allowing you to find out what’s airing, select the shows you want to watch later, set reminders for your favorite show, and let rIPTV handle the rest. This VLC software lets you watch your favorite shows with HD quality. Simply copy and paste the URL of your playlist into the application to create your own television.

Features: rITPV

  • Available on tvOS
  • IMDB integration to ensure you’re able to be informed about all the movies
  • Today extension, so you do not miss an event.

6. Wiseplay – IPTV app for Android

Watch local video hosted on remote servers on Wiseplay Wiseplay – IPTV application for Android. This multi-platform, free multimedia top IPTV player supports numerous video formats and playlists. It allows you to cast content from your mobile device to TV with Chromecast. Furthermore, you can transform any video in your gallery to a stunning Virtual Reality experience. Wiseplay IPTV is the best IPTV player on Android allows you to browse your most loved websites without advertisements. In addition, you can load the video directly in order to use the player.

Feature: Wiseplay

  • Supports all video formats that are popular.
  • Load lists of files in w3u and M3U formats straight from the document, or by scanning QR codes
  • Content that is compatible with Cast to your TV via Chromecast
  • Play video clips with your videos in 3D and Virtual Reality format

7. Lazy IPTV – TV technology-based IPTV app

Contrary to what’s implied in the name, it is the opposite of what you would expect from this name. IPTV player Android is one of the top IPTV applications. It offers amazing services and supports formats such as M3U, Zip, XSPF, and more. In addition, adding content on Lazy IPTV is very simple. Just access the content via local files, then paste the URLs. Lazy IPTV can be used using both HTTP or UDP streams. The IPTV application lets you view YouTube directly within the application. The built-in audio player is amazing, and with it you can add every internet radio channel.

Features: Lazy IPTV

  • Supports M3u playlists
  • Allows you to add playlists from your device’s file system via the Internet
  • Utilizing the built-in audio player, you can listen to internet radio
  • Supports various UDP-proxies
  • Auto-update playlist support
  • Customizable main screen
  • Settings for backup and restore of applications

8. IPTV Player – view the latest IPTV technology

Make your own videos, and enjoy your favorite movies, shows, and more using this top IPTV player on Android. Its IPTV player for Android 2021 lets you add stream URLs (m3u, MP4, m3u8, etc.).) or permit the application to display your local video. Additionally, with IPTV Player you can stream content through Android TV.

Features: IPTV Player

  • Support for PIP (Picture of Picture)
  • Replay the stream after an error in the stream
  • Supports XMLTV, Android TV, M3U playlists
  • Fast zapping player
  • MP4, MPD, M3U8, MKV, WEBM, MP3 formats support
  • Support Chromecast

9. The Perfect Player IPTV – Set-top-box like IPTV application

Ideal IPTV players designed for Android can help you watch videos on tablets, TVs, and even smartphones. The only downside of this Perfect IPTV application for Android is that it does not have any channels. Add the playlist, head to settings. Furthermore, it is possible to select various Decoder settings.

Features: Perfect IPTV

  • Local file viewing from SD memory card USB etc.
  • Supports M3U, XSPF
  • Supports formats like EPG.
  • Scalable OSD renders
  • IPTV viewing with channel groups, logos, and EPG

10. Simple IPTV Player Simple to use

The Simple IPTV Player can be described as IPTV standard-compliant and compatible with M3U, WPL, M3U8, and playlist standards. Additionally, this top IPTV player on Android can be used with Android TV and Remote Control which means you can utilize it with Box TV without issues. This top IPTV application for Android is easy to use and compatible with Chromecast.

Features: Simple IPTV Player

  • EPG – Programming Guide.
  • Compatible with Chromecast devices, easy connection!
  • Make your preferred channels available with the click of one tap!
  • A complete list of the most recent channels accessed (You can wash it at any time!)
  • A list of the most recent Playlists that have been used (Clean when you’d like!)
  • Didn’t like the Internal Player? Take a look at the External Player that you like!
  • Automatic Playlist update. You need not constantly check to see if the Playlist has been updated. the app will do it automatically!
  • When checking for Online or Offline items The system will check to see whether the Channel is on or offline!

11. Smart IPTV

Smart IPTV app is an Android app for IPTV. However, it does not include any channels to create your own channels to use it. It’s available to try at no cost for a brief time period, however with the Smart IPTV application you are not able to lock channels or groups.

Features: Smart IPTV

  • Support for M3U playlists and XSPF playlists can be supported
  • History of Playlists
  • Multicast streaming using UDP proxy (proxy must be installed within your local area network)
  • Grid, grid, or tiles of television channels
  • EPG support is available in XMLTV as well JTV formats
  • External and internal video players

12. LiveNet TV – well known Android application

LiveNetTV is a fantastic application for watching TV channels without cost. It was designed specifically for Android users, but it can also be downloaded on PCs that run Mac, Windows, and Linux. The best IPTV player has over 800 live TV channels as well as many movies within the video-on-demand section. When you download this application, you’ll never be without your TV or dish. Additionally, this IPTV application offers the live streaming of sports events where you can stream various sporting events. It also supports Chromecast and provides distinct categories for religious and children’s programs.

Features: LiveNet TV

  • Free to use IPTV app
  • A live sports page for fans of sports
  • Offers more than 800 Live TV channels
  • The category wise and country-wise division of TV channels
  • Simple to use IPTV application for Android users
  • The majority of channels provide high-definition content
  • Supports Chromecast
  • VOD contains animated movies as well as movies in regional languages

13. Rockstreams – Affordable IPTV app

Rock streams are one of the most reliable IPTV service providers, which charges no additional fee or tax. To view each video you must pay a fee, but this is fine since you are aware of what you’re paying. The IPTV service is easily integrated into Kodi and you can upload your content onto Rocket streams. The most appealing aspect of this excellent IPTV app is that it allows you to live stream international sporting events, films, and more without having to pay extra.

Features – Rock streams

  • World’s leading IPTV service provider
  • A comprehensive tool for IPTV
  • Access ultra-speedy to HD IPTV content
  • Live sports
  • History of the playlist for Supports
  • Can play multicast streams

14. IP Television Player – Best Android and iOS IPTV app

Install on iOS

Install on Android

Bring on-demand and streaming television videos to your mobile devices using the IP Television player popularly known as IPTV. It is available for Android and iOS this application is well-liked by other users. Utilizing the most effective IPTV application, you can enjoy TV shows and other channels with offline streaming. On iOS it allows for a range of shows.

Features: IP Television Player

  • Offers EPG as well as an IMDB guide
  • Fast video player
  • Supports M3U8 format
  • Simple copy paste option
  • Video player that is effective
  • The majority of channels are accessible
  • On-demand streaming
  • Updated regularly

15. Kodi is the best streamer for 4K HD and IPTV application

A fantastic IPTV application that provides 4K live streaming as well as great audio quality. By using this app it is possible to add your media to watch in HD quality. To do this, you’ll have to install certain add-ons or plugins. To set up IPTV on Kodi you’ll need to go to the Settings of Kodi’s account and Add-ons, then Install the repository PVR clients > IPTV Simple Client. Then, install and wait for the add-on’s installation. Click on the add-on that you are interested in and then configure it.

Features: Kodi

  • User-friendly app
  • Support for OGG AAC, MP3, and OGG files.
  • Allows for the storage of live TV channels
  • Add-ons can be purchased easily
  • 4K content
  • A service provider with a good reputation

16. Mobdro – Safe to use IPTV app

Similar to LiveNet TV Mobdro is also an excellent IPTV application. It comes with the same features as Kodi however it is distinct from Kodi. It’s an original Android application that gives you many live broadcasts. The number of IPTV channels Mobdro has to offer is vast. It has premium TV channels, sports channels, and movies. You can download it on the official website and begin using it immediately. You can also add the Show or film Channel to the list of favorites and read the streams from different languages.

Features: Mobdro

  • Much live streaming video content is available
  • List of channels you would like to add to it and shows, movies, and more
  • Record a stream to view later
  • Search options are extensive.
  • Designed for touch devices
  • Best IPTV app for Android users
  • Offers different options like Language options, parental control, hardware coding, etc.
  • Free IPTV app

This is why these are the top IPTV applications for both Android as well as iOS. Other notable IPTV applications include:

IPTV Smarters Pro, TiviMate, IPTV, OTT Navigator, UKTVNow, VLC etc.

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