Top 5 Best Dock Apps to Replace Your Taskbar in Windows 10

Maybe you just upgraded from a Mac or Windows 10 to Windows 10. However, the Windows Taskbar is not working for you.

Windows 10 Alternative: WinLaunch

WinLaunch may be a dock app, but it’s the best Windows application that offers Launchpad-like functionality.

The full-screen app is simple to use.

Click and hold the app for three seconds to delete an item. WinLaunch also allows you to choose the monitor that you want to open.


Round Dock is one the most innovative dock applications for Windows 10. Round Dock is one the most innovative dock apps for Windows 10.

The dock can be used for drag-and-drop, just like other dock apps.

Download Circle Dock

RocketDock: Best Dock App for Folder Shortcuts


RocketDock was created by Apple enthusiasts at Punk Software, in 2005.

It is sometimes difficult to add apps on your dock. To do this, you will need to create shortcuts.

You can hide the dock using the auto-hide function in the dock app. If you place the dock and Taskbar near the bottom of your screen you could accidentally open Taskbar apps.

This guide will help you hide your Taskbar.


ObjectDock: Best Dock App for Multitaskers


ObjectDock is different from other dock apps. It offers access to a main dock or what they call Quick Launch Docks. The Tabbed Docks can also be used from another location.

Quick Launch Dock displays all open apps, minimised windows and system tray icons. You can also make your icons glow by hovering above them.

Hover over an app to see all open windows. Only HyperDock third-party applications can use this feature.


Tabbed Docks and Quicklaunch Docks open Windows Start Menu. To test the features, you can sign up for a free 30-day trial or pay $4.99 for a full-featured version.

ObDock Download


NexusDock, the best dock app for Windows 10, is here. This dock app gives Windows 10 an Apple-like experience.

NexusDock has more options than the Mac Taskbar. You can launch apps, hover over shortcuts and delete items from your dock.

New shortcut icons will also be available that aren’t on Windows or Mac computers.

This app lets you add files, folders, or programs to your Dock. Shortcuts to Internal Commands can be used to minimise or hide the Windows Taskbar, minimise open windows, and skip the current audio track.

All of these features are included in the NexusDock free version. You can create unlimited docks and customise system tray icons.


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