a binary options product is called Epic Winner Software. The epic winner software says that they are one-click profit machines. They claim that all their members have earned much with the help of this software. They claim that more than 5 dollars have been earned by the members. According to their statistics, if all the instructions will be followed by the traders they will earn $100,000 at the end of the year.

All the information related to the trade and trade market is present on the epic winner website and even more information than the market has been seen on their website. It is also claimed by the epic winner software developers that this software will keep their wallets full of money. They further say that no broker is affiliated with them.

epic winner software has received an award of Overall Software Suite in the Best in KLAS. This feedback was given by healthcare providers according to the Software and Services Report.

According to the report, epic winner software was also named by the Overall Physician Practice Vendor and received Best in KLAS. This award was given to among 7 different segments. Another award was given to epic software among the health information exchange category.

It is recommended to the traders that if they have traded with the software and have doubts that they will be scammed in the future, might have chances that they will get back their money. It has also been found on the internet that many brokers have faced fraud. All the traders have the right to make reviews of their own choice and it is the responsibility of service providers to take action on broker’s complaints. It might be possible that the money will be refunded. A complaint form is available on their website that is needed to be filled so that the money can be returned or any other complaint.

  • Is epic winner software is a legal broker or a scam?

According to the reviews and video proves uploaded by many people on the internet, it can be concluded that epic winner software is not a legal broker and a scam broker. It is not recommended for traders to trade with this software. Also, it is recommended to the broker contact the team as soon as possible to get their money back and find the way out. Many people have still become its victim because it is a big scam and many have already invested their money in that.

  • There are some possible conditions a broker can do when you contact him;
  • He may freeze your account.
  • Or block your account.
  • a person can not be able to log in to his account back.
  • Money can be drawn from the account.
  • He may not pick up your calls.
  • He may also draw money from your account with any prior notice.
  • A bonus can be claimed to you by the broker.

But regarding all this situation, it is recommended to fight back with him so that your money can be refunded. This can be done by filling out the complaint form.


This Epic winner software review was given by Paul on January 31, 2016, on the Trading With Paul website. In this review, Paul was looking at the most recent Binary options that are called Epic Winner Software. While overviewing the website, he says many unusual things. Paul, therefore proves in his review that epic winner software is a scam since this system is not so powerful because it can not even open the markets to do trade on Saturdays.

He said that epic winner software has a clean and nice website where professional sales video is available. A huge amount of fake videos and welcome pages is offered on their site to convince the users that epic winner software is authentic and not a scam. But as he went through the website, he say many things that were enough to prove that this software is just a scam and nothing more than that.


  • Soft wares have their magic!

“We know that after knowing the mechanism that how software runs, you will be wondered. We are glad to share this information with you. You can learn as much as you want to because we are here to guide you and answer all your queries. We are excited to teach you. But we will keep it precise and easy for your easy understanding. At the initial stage, the amount will be 6% of your account balance. If a pattern is predicted and studied in a short time is called gambling. Because brokerage firms always want customers to gamble with them and leave you with a wrong decision. Therefore it is important to take a 35-minute trading robot so that a conclusive analysis can be made. But make sure that all this process is done automatically therefore you can not manually interfere in this.” _ epicwinnersoftware.com


Paul explained in his video that all the happy and satisfied customers on epic winner software’s own website are all just testimonials and they are fiverr.com actors. They charge $5 per video and they will write a review on your website of your own choice. They will write what you want them to say. He said that these actors can also be hired to say that Epic Winner Software is nothing more than a scam.

Paul did his website review on Saturday because on Saturday’s all the trade markets are closed. He says that even the markets were closed but this magic was still working. The live traders were shown on their website which proves that all the live trading charts were completely scammed.

Thus, it is proved that epic winner software is all a scam.  Therefore it is advised to all the users that all the information and testimonials are fake and also the live trading charts are fake those were showing magic even when the trade market is closed.

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