Top 5 Memoji apps on Android. Create your own Emoji

It’s easy to envy Android-owning friends that send you custom emoticons. This feature is known as Memoji, and it can be found on Android.

This article will demonstrate how to install Emoji for Android with different apps and methods.

What’s Memoji?

Emoji is an Apple iPhone feature that lets you create an emoji exactly like yourself.

Send Memoji to iMessage to entertain your friends and family. Memoji also has the True Depth camera that allows you to create animated characters and match your mouth movements.

While it is impossible to make a Emoji Android copy, these are the best methods. If you have an iPhone, our guide can help you create and use Emoji.

1. Bitmoji

Bitmoji is a Snapchat application that you may already be familiar with. Both apps are owned and operated by the same company. It now directs you to Bitmoji.

Bitmoji scans your face to create an avatar. Once you are done, you can select your clothes and see your avatar in different situations.

Bitmoji can be embedded directly into Snapchat. It is also available on Gboard’s Stickers Tab.

Our guide to Bitmoji has more information. Learn how to create your own.

Download: Bitmoji (Free)

2. Samsung AR Emoji

It all depends upon the Samsung device that you have. These steps are for older Samsung devices:

  1. Tap AR Emoji from the camera modes menu at top.
  2. To take a picture, click the blue Create Emoji button.

Newer Samsung devices are likely to have a higher data flow:

  1. Launch the Camera app
  2. Tap For More.
  3. Tap AR Area.
  4. Tap AR Emoji Camera.
  5. Tap on the plus Icon.

The wizard will allow you to choose your gender and personalise outfits.

You will find the AR Emoji at the bottom right of your selfie camera. This emoji allows you to take photos and videos that reflect your movements.

Many stickers and GIFs can be used to show your emojis in different poses. These stickers can be used to make funny reactions, or just for fun.

3. Face Cam

Face cam does not scan your face for emojis. You can choose your hair colour, skin tone and eye shape.

Once created, the app acts as a camera. It mimics your facial movements and tries to imitate your eyebrows and eyes.

Use colour filters on your camera to achieve the perfect look You also have the option to choose from your gallery to add your emoji faces.

While the free version has a limited customization, it doesn’t add watermarks to your photos. Photos can be saved to your smartphone and then sent to other apps.

Download: Face Cam (Free, in-app purchases available)

4. MojiPop

EMoji Pop transforms your face into a cartoon-styled animated cartoon and then adds it in to countless scenes, stickers, and other scenes. EMoji Pop lets you imagine how you’d look standing on the top of a famous star with a cat and other famous paintings.

There are many stickers available, and all of them have animated themes. There are many stickers that can be used to express your feelings about friends, family, travel and seasonal activities like Halloween.

Create up to three different emoji avatars. Send stickers to your friends that include you.

EMoji Pop has its own keyboard. EMoji Pop comes with its own keyboard.

Download MojiPop

5. EMOJI Face Recorder

EMOJI’s Face Recorder works in the same way as the iPhone’s Animoji function.

You can choose from a variety of cute emoticons and creatures, including the unicorn and sunglasses emojis. If you start emoting, it will mimic your facial movements.

You have the option to change the background colour of your recording. Your octopus might like to appear floating in space.

Face tracking is a bit tricky. You can still use it.

Download EMOJI Face Recorder (Free In-App Purchase Available)

For Android, create your Emoji for iPhone

These apps may not offer the same experience that Memoji, but they provide an equivalent experience.

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You will need another iPhone to create Emoji. Click on each Memoji sticker and select Save it to your favourites.

These Memoji can be sent to anyone using your WhatsApp stickers. It’s sufficient.

To use WhatsApp’s Emoji feature, tap the smiling faces icon in the message box. Next select the top star icon to switch from your favourite. Finally, tap the Memoji sticker that you like.

Don’t forget the abundance of standard Emojis

Now you can create your own Emoji.

All standard Emojis remain available and grow with the addition of Unicode Standard Emojis

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