WhatsApp Group: Find and Join the WhatsApp Groups of Your Choice

WhatsApp Groups on WhatsApp are great for chats with a variety of people. The problem is that WhatsApp does not have an option to find groups to join, since WhatsApp is intended to function as an online message platform–not one that functions as a social media platform. The idea of keeping groups off the search is also beneficial since it helps prevent spam and to protect the privacy of group members.

Although the majority of WhatsApp groups are designed to be private and only shared with the closest friends of members, some group administrators permit everyone to join. They do this by providing invite URLs for the public to view usually posted on the internet. The trick is to find these kinds of groups and the invite link. Here are some websites to check.

Search Google for WhatsApp Group Directory Websites

There are websites there that are completely committed to accepting WhatsApp group applications and displaying the invites’ links open to anyone who wishes to join. You can find them by doing a search on Google for phrases such as “WhatsApp group links,” “WhatsApp group invite” and many more.

A quick Google search will yield results similar to WhatsGroupLink.

WhatsGroupLink.com maintains an updated list of open WhatsApp groups you can join. It is so well-known that it has more than 100,000 social shares. Choose a category at the top of the page to go to it directly, or scroll down to view the names of groups within every category.

After you’ve located an account that you’re looking to join, simply click this group and open up the WhatsApp group’s link in a new tab. then click on the green button to join the chat. button to open the group. You can then join the group on WhatsApp to join the group.

Search the App Store or Google Play for WhatsApp Group

Like the third-party websites that we mentioned previously, you might be able to locate mobile applications from third-party developers that list WhatsApp groups and links to join. You can search on “WhatsApp groups” on the App Store or Google Play to see what appears.

The list of available apps is a bit limited. There are very few apps with poor ratings designed to be directories to the WhatsApp group on Google Play, and there’s only one located in the App Store named groups specifically for WhatsApp.

The app is a minimalist and easy interface. It has an easy-to-use category tab to search for groups of interest (in the 28 different categories). Once you’ve found the group you want to join, just press the blue button to join the Group link to access it up and join it within the WhatsApp application.

Search Social Networks for Users Sharing Their Group Links

In the last location, you can look for WhatsApp groups and the links for joining them your most popular social media or forums. Here are some ideas on where and how to search:

Facebook: Search “WhatsApp groups” and then choose from the groups filter. Certain groups on Facebook are created to help members to share links to their groups and assist others in finding their group’s information.

Tumblr Find “WhatsApp groups” or “WhatsApp group links” to find articles from users sharing group links or whole blogs that are solely dedicated to highlighting groups that you can join.

Reddit: Search “WhatsApp group links” and then browse through the results of the thread. The most relevant results may be the promotion of open WhatsApp groups that other users are able to join. However, you may want to consider sorting results by the most recent, if you see that the majority of results are from one year ago or earlier.

On forums, you can use the search feature (usually found on the top of the page, just overall the topic areas) to search for terms such as “WhatsApp group” or simply use “WhatsApp” to see what types of responses or topics pop up. Because forums remain an online space in which people can talk about shared subjects of importance, you might be able to find posts that contain WhatsApp groups to help users of forums to move their discussion off of the desktop and onto a mobile device.

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