6 Internet Browsing Tips for New Users

It is no secret that many people rely on the internet these days. Without the World Wide Web, many of us would not be able to do our work. Studying and entertainment are other two examples of industries that are difficult to imagine without the internet.

If you are someone who is still relatively new to the internet, the odds are that you are not making the most out of it. Or rather, you are unaware of some of the things that can improve your overall experience.

This article will cover some basics that less experienced internet users ought to know. Make the most out of the information mentioned here and create a more solid foundation for yourself while using the internet.

Browser History

Let’s start with browsing history. If you are using a home computer or a smartphone, you do not have to worry about it that much. However, it is different when you have to hop on a public computer. Say you are in a library.

Someone else’s computer counts as well. If you are surfing the net on your friend’s device, you need to clear the browsing history so that you do not leave traces behind. After all, you want to keep your privacy to yourself, right?

Whether you need to clear history on safari or another internet browser, the process is more or less the same.

You need to access the browser history via settings and clear it. Do your best to remember to do so each time you have to after using a computer or smartphone that does not belong to you.

Virtual Private Networks

Continuing with the topic of privacy, virtual private networks are another example of technology that is worth investing in.

For a few dollars a month, you can rest safely knowing that your internet history is encrypted and secure thanks to a VPN.

In addition to privacy improvements, virtual private networks might also help with speeding up the internet connection.

Finally, if you encounter geo-restricted sites, switch your IP and location via a VPN and access the contents.

Different Internet Browsers

Most internet users have preferences when it comes to internet browsers. In some cases, going with what is recommended by the developer is also a good approach. For example, Safari is a tailor-made macOS internet browser, which should be fine on macOS and iOS.

Google Chrome is the most popular option right now, thanks to its wide use on Android devices. MS Windows users prefer it over Edge. The Edge internet browser is a new and improved Internet Explorer version. However, since IE has a negative rep, it is common for people to go with Google Chrome.

The browser is a bit notorious because of how much memory it tends to consume, but it also excels in other areas, such as available browser extensions.

Then you have the likes of Vivaldi, TOR, and Opera. The last two are great for privacy and security.

Ultimately, you are free to try different internet browsers and determine which one suits your needs the best. And keep in mind that they are free to use, so you do not have to worry about spending money to test.

Ethernet Cable

Relying on a wireless connection can be problematic if you want to have stable internet. The odds are that there are third-party peripherals jamming the signal. In addition, if your laptop or a mobile device is far away from the router, the signal will be pretty weak.

If you can, use an ethernet cable. Mobile internet is not an option for this, but if you have a laptop and have been relying on Wi-Fi until now, an ethernet cable ought to fix the connection issues.

Sure, it comes at a price. You will need to set up the cable and limit how much you can move the laptop, but it is worth it if you wish to create a better and more stable internet connection for yourself.


If you want to visit a particular site in the future, you should bookmark it on the browser. Sure, there is an argument to be made that you can remember the name, but why risk it?

In addition, it is not like you can remember everything, right? For instance, a video name on YouTube might be random, and unless you bookmark it, you are unlikely to find it again. 

Search Engines

Utilize search engines and find what you want on the internet. A quick query will bring you multiple results. Whether you are looking for a specific blog article, video, or tutorial, a search engine usually shows what you need.

One final thing to note is that while Google is considered the be-all and the end-all search engine on the internet, you can also try other options, such as Bing and DuckDuckGo.

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