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The Best Wireless Charging Mouse Pads for Your Desk

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Wireless charging is a great option to organize your desk. Wireless charging is a great way to organize your desk and won’t interfere with the flow of work. Some chargers can make your desk look cluttered and unorganized. A wireless charging mouse pad is a great way to save time and keep your mouse charged. These mousepads can double as wireless chargers for any of your supported devices.

What you should look for in a wireless charging mouse pad

It is important for wireless chargers to be compatible with as many devices as possible. The wireless charger must be safe to use. Qi-Certified wireless chargers will be universally compatible and protect against all hazards. These wireless chargers can double as mousepads. You should also consider the size of your mouse pad to ensure a perfect fit on your desk.

Best Overall: JCREN Fast Wireless Charging Mouse Pad

The JCREN mouse pad is a sturdy wireless charging pad that works well. This Qi-Certified charger supports fast charging modes. It can charge up to 10 watts. It is quite large so that it can charge your device regardless of the angle. It is approximately the same size as a letter-size sheet of paper and has a nonslip, waterproof base that will remain firm on your desk.

Fast Wireless Charger Mat Qi Certified Case-Friendly 10W Fast wireless 

Best budget option: Cell Bro Flat Clicker mouse pad

Cell Bro’s wireless charging mouse pad is an affordable option. The Qi-Certified 10-watt charger is placed at an angle on this wireless charging mouse pad. Your mouse will be free to move around without bumping into the charging device. The rubber mouse pad provides an 11.7-inch by 8.7-inch surface for your mouse.

Best for Gaming PHILIPS RGB Gaming Mouse Pad

The Philips mouse pad is a great option for gamers. The pad has ample space for your mouse so that you don’t feel restricted in your movement. It also features an RGB backlight that can be used in ten modes. The surface of the charger is smooth and easy to use. The wireless charger can also be charged quickly.

Premium Choice: Corsair Wireless Charging Mousepad mm1000

Corsair’s wireless charging mouse pad is high-end for users who want high performance. The Qi-Certified charger includes USB, USB C, and Lightning adapters, ensuring universal compatibility. The surface of the mouse pad is made from a low-friction material and has a rubber base that holds it in place. This mouse pad also features a large surface and a charge status indicator.

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