How to turn off Google Assistant

Many Android users have asked how to disable Google Assistant.

This is a common story: You have a beautiful Android phone, but keep accidentally activating the voice assistant. Google Assistant may be responding to something you hear on TV or in a commercial, or perhaps it is appearing when you speak a particular phrase.

While the feature is undoubtedly useful, it can be very irritating to have it available at times when it is not convenient. Fear not!

These are the steps to disable Google Assistant on Android phones or tablets, or your Nest smart speaker or Google Home. This will prevent you from being annoyed by this feature.

How to disable Google Assistant on Android phones

  1. Open the Google App on your Android smartphone (or tablet). Click the profile icon at the top-right corner. Choose Settings.

Tap the three-dot button at the bottom of your screen to see this option. Choose Settings from there.

  1. Tap the “Google Assistant” option on the Settings screen. This option will be about halfway down the list.
  2. You can now disable Google Assistant on some Android phones by turning off the switch next.
  3. If you don’t see this option, swipe to “Assistant Devices” (or Devices for some phones), tap Phone, and then turn off Google Assistant by using the switch.

5 Some Android phones (such as the latest Motorola models) have Google Assistant integrated into their firmware. This means that it cannot be disabled with the above methods.

If you don’t see the switch in steps 3 or 4, scroll down to the “All Settings ” section of the Google Assistant settings screen. Tap on General and to turn off Google Assistant.

To disable the feature completely, tap “Turn Off”

How to disable Google Assistant from Google Home speakers

Google Assistant can’t be turned off on a Nest or Google Home speaker. However, you can turn the microphone off so Google doesn’t hear you. To turn the speaker on or off, press the microphone button.

This button is located on the backs of Google Home and Google Nest speakers. It’s also near the power cord for a Google Home Mini/Google Nest Mini.

Check out this page for more Google Assistant tips, tricks and how-tos.

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