How to Use Apple Watch With an Android

Are there ways to make the Apple Watch and an Android phone collaborate? If you’re adventurous and aren’t afraid to play around with your hardware there’s an option to cross streams and connect both devices.

How do you connect to an Apple Watch and Android Phone

The first step is to configure the Apple Watch and configure it to work with your preferred iPhone device. It is necessary, to begin with, an iPhone to configure your Apple Watch and connect it to your provider’s LTE network.

When the Apple Watch is ready, continue with the steps listed below.

  1. Switch off the iPhone, Android phone, and Apple Watch.
  2. Make use of SIM card tools (or a paperclip) SIM card tool (or something else suitable, such as a clip) to take the SIM card out of your iPhone.

  3. Insert your iPhone SIM card in your Android phone, and then turn the phone on.
  4. After your Android phone is powered on and connected to your mobile provider’s network, you can turn up it to the Apple Watch.
    You should now be able to see that the Android device is linked to your mobile like it is normal and the Apple Watch is also connected.
  5. You can now receive calls and notifications from Apple Watch. Apple Watch, despite having an Android phone as your primary phone.

Can I Pair an Apple Watch With an Android Phone?

The quick answer is not. It is not possible to connect an Android device to Apple Watch. Apple Watch and have the two devices work together via Bluetooth. If you try to connect the two devices in the same way as you would normally pair with another Bluetooth device but they won’t connect.

If you’re keen to play with your devices then you’ll be able to have two devices running in semi-tandem.

Based on the model depending on the model of Apple Watch, it might include an additional option to connect beyond Bluetooth: LTE connectivity. Apple has higher-end models of its smartwatch that will remain connected, take phone calls and to send messages even when an ordinary Bluetooth connection to an iPhone is broken.

The LTE Apple Watches rely on the network of your provider to ensure that they don’t drop when you go on an outing or go to the shop and take your iPhone left behind.

The same feature lets us benefit from an opportunity to gain some functionality, even though you are using the Android device.

What Features Can I Expect with the Android Phone?

The Apple Watch and its installed applications will be able to keep themselves up-to-date via the internet; apps that need your iPhone might function in unusual ways.

Furthermore, even though you can make and receive calls via phone, however, messaging is somewhat more difficult. iMessage is an example. It works well with this configuration, but regular SMS text messages ( SMS) are not able to work; this is a major issue as your Android device is likely to want all text messages to be sent as SMS messages.

As you don’t be able to access an iPhone as well, you’ll not be in a position to keep your software and device current. If you’re planning to download a brand new app on your wrist, you’ll be in a bind since you’ll need an iPhone for this to be a reality.

What’s the most important thing I’ll need to Start This Project?

The process to make an Apple Watch work with an Android smartphone will require:

  • An Unlocked Apple Watch with LTE
  • An unlocked Android smartphone
  • Unlocked iPhone 6 or later
  • A SIM remover tool for cards.

What exactly is happening with my iPhone or Android Phone?

Your two devices aren’t communicating with each other; technically speaking they’re incompatible. But, enabling the Watch with LTE means that it doesn’t require an iPhone to perform the primary tasks.

Being prepared for some limitations in function and constant use of LTE can take out the Apple Watch battery faster than usual. While it’s a great experiment in general, if you are a fan of Android then you’re better off buying a smartwatch that is compatible with your smartphone.


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