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Shark is a well-known brand in vacuuming and Shark cleaners can often be compared to Dyson’s vacuums in terms power and suction.

Shark WandVac was designed for handheld use, but comes with a floorhead so that you can use it as an upright vacuum to clean hard floors or carpets.

Shark WandVac Prices and availability



Battery Life

Should I purchase the Shark WandVac

The vacuum cleaner is lightweight and powerful, yet compact enough to clean tight corners or your kitchen floor. We think it is one of the most powerful vacuum cleaners.

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The Shark Anti Hair wrap Flexology Cordless Vacuum Cleaner is a great choice if you are looking for a shark vacuum that can power your entire house. It has a boost mode, great battery life and great flexibility. The Shark WandVac is best thought of as something you would grab if you had just spilled flour on the floor and need to quickly clean it up.



Shark WandVac prices and availability

  • List price $119.99/PS179.99

The Shark Wandvac can be purchased in the US and UK for 119.99 / PS179.99. It is not available in Australia at the moment.


  • Very light
  • Use it as a handheld vacuum or stick vacuum
  • Anti-hair wrap cleaner for head

Shark WandVac was designed to be used in fast cleaning situations.

It is less than 1kg in handheld mode and easier to handle in stick mode. According to Shark, the US model is 5.8lbs while the UK model weights 3kg. This may be due to the slightly different head design.

The assembly of the vacuum is easy. Attachments can be added by simply inserting them until they click into their place. Shark WandVac’s anti-hair-wrap floorhead has ‘Powerfins’ silicone bristles that are self-cleaning. This prevents human hair and pet hairs from sticking to the vacuum.

You can convert the WandVac into a handheld vacuum by simply removing the floor head and wand. A crevice tool and a fluffy brush head are included for cleaning delicate surfaces or blinds.

Shark vacuums have a dust canister capacity of 0.25qts/ 0.25 liters. This is a very small vacuum compared to the Dyson, which has a 0.22-gallon bin. However, handheld vacuums are often smaller in bin capacity because they’re not meant to clean your entire house.

It is easy to empty the bin. You just need one hand to push the lever and the dust cup cap will open at an angle so that the contents can fall into the bin. Although it took us several attempts to ensure that the dust cup opened over the bin, the dust cloud was minimal.

Two ways can you charge your Shark WandVac. You can simply plug the handheld vacuum into the charger. You can also use the standard charging dock. This allows you to finish cleaning the vacuum and then place it on the dock. The vacuum will start charging.


  • Loud when used
  • Good suction
  • For cleaning high, it is lightweight

The Shark WandVac was thoroughly tested to determine how it performed in a range of tasks including cleaning up food scraps and finer dirt. To see if the battery lived up to its promise, we put it to the test.

We were immediately struck by the loudness of this vacuum cleaner. Its standard cleaning mode with its floor head on reached 82 decibels. The average vacuum cleaner emits around 75 decibels. If you want a quieter model, you should consider the Boost mode.

The WandVac was tested on hard floors using a flour mixture. It picked up all the dirt and dust with ease. However, it did leave some small crumbs behind. The cleaner was also able to handle the mixture well on carpet and didn’t require the use of the Boost mode.

Next, we tried the Shark with larger debris and hard floors. The machine did a great job again, but it took a few more sweeps to get rid of all the mess. The dust cup was also very full at this point, which could have affected its ability to pick it up.

The WandVac performed better on carpets. It was capable of picking up large amounts of debris in standard mode. However, it was much more effective in Boost mode. As you would expect. The dust cup got pretty full after we cleaned up one large pile of debris (we used oatmeal). However, this machine was designed to handle smaller jobs so it shouldn’t matter if you don’t expect to clean the whole house.

The Shark WandVac was easy to use, light, and portable. It also has a crevice tool that can be attached to clean your stairs or car.

To test the vacuum’s effectiveness, we also used it around the house to clean the floors. We were amazed at how much dust it picked up.

Battery life

  • 16 minutes run time
  • There are many options for charging
  • The full charge takes approximately 3.5 hours

Shark claims that the WandVac can be used as a handheld vacuum cleaner for up to 16 minutes. This is a bit short, but it should still work well if you are just looking to clean up some crumbs or give your car an overall look.

Attaching the floor head reduces the cleaning time, as Shark states. We found that the battery lasted only 12.5 minutes without using the Boost mode. We felt that this was not enough time to clean our entire home. However, the WandVac is made for that purpose. You might consider the Dyson, which can clean your entire home in as little as 60 minutes.

It takes approximately three and a quarter hours to fully charge the battery. You can either plug it into the handheld section or use the included charging dock. The WandVac’s handle has three LED lights that indicate how much battery is left. Three lights illuminate when the cleaner has fully charged. We found that the WandVac had approximately five minutes cleaning time remaining.


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