Main Features Of E-commerce Development

The development of e-commerce is happening every day. You can observe the emergence of new tools for creating websites and placing products, as well as additional software to facilitate work. Therefore, in this article, we will take a closer look at the subject of e-commerce.


What is e-commerce?


E-commerce is a field that specializes in the sale of goods and services over the Internet. Sales can now be made through websites or mobile applications.


Due to the growth of e-commerce, the demand for ecommerce app development company is growing. More and more companies want to implement their projects in this area and are looking for specialists for this.

Current app usage


Currently, most of the development of e-commerce is focused on mobile applications. This is because it is easier for apps to increase sales, retain customers, and generate significant profits.


Given the change in habits brought about by the pandemic, mobile shopping is becoming more common and even necessary.


According to some studies, about 77.1% of users aged 16 to 64 use shopping apps. This tells us that the use of mobile apps to purchase products and services has increased significantly compared to previous years.


However, for an application to be truly effective and perform its purpose, it must perform certain functions. Only then can you benefit from e-commerce.




As part of the development of e-commerce, applications must add value and improve the user’s shopping experience. Therefore, there are some basic features that any shopping app should have. It:


  • Admin panel
  • User login
  • Catalog of goods and services
  • Search bar
  • Shopping cart
  • Payment Methods
  • Orders, returns, and purchase history
  • Notifications
  • Physical store locator
  • A wish list


These are the essential features that every e-commerce app or site should have. Of course, other features also matter and can complement your product and make it more unique from the competition.


In other words, a good e-commerce design with useful features can take your business to the next level.


Here are some of these features:


  • Product scan
  • Product segmentation
  • Purchase History
  • Product and Service Reviews
  • Trending Product Search Wizard
  • Share offers and promotions with other users
  • Product and price comparator


What can you generate with these functions?


On the other hand, these features will enhance the capabilities of your application. It will also greatly help to increase brand reach. There are many opportunities for developing e-commerce, but in general, we can translate them into the following benefits:


  • Send notifications about promotions, offers, and new releases
  • Have exclusive images and videos about your products
  • Offer purchase flexibility (buy anytime)
  • Save time in-store for your customers (view the product on the app before going to the physical store)
  • Expand the range of goods and services
  • Offer a personalized shopping experience for every user
  • Increasing the availability of products and services
  • Create advanced marketing strategies
  • Build a community with exclusive products and services for app users


Therefore, these functionalities will contribute to greater customer retention in the app and therefore a higher percentage of purchases.


In other words, with your app, you will have quality content, personalized marketing strategies, improved UX, and high conversion rates.


In addition, the loyalty and recognition of your brand by users will make you a benchmark in the industry. In the long term, this means strong growth, allowing you to reach a new level. To ensure the growth process, it is best to use .net development.

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