iOS 15.4 release date, news, features and compatible iPhones

After the tiny update of iOS 15.3 we now have iOS 15.4. This is a much larger update for Apple’s operating systems.

Many big features are included, including the long-awaited Universal Control and Face ID functionality with mask. You’ll also find new emoji and a new Siri voice.

This update is packed. Below we have detailed everything you need about iOS 15.4, including compatibility and features.

Let’s get to the point

  • What’s it all about? The most recent iOS release
  • When will it be available? It’s now available
  • What is the cost? It’s absolutely free

iOS 15.4 compatibility and release date

iOS 15.4 was released in its final form on March 14, 2022. It is now available. You can find our how-to upgrade iOS guide for help.

It’s compatible with every version of iOS 15. This means that you can get iOS 15.4 if you have iOS 15 or higher. This includes all handsets starting with the iPhone 6S (2020 ) and the original iPhone SE (2017), plus the iPod Touch (7th generation).

iOS 15.4 features

We’ve listed a number of new features and improvements to iOS 15.4, which we have detailed below.

Face ID using a mask

Face ID was not always possible due to the Covid-19 pandemic. Apple had already addressed this issue by allowing iPhones to unlock when worn with an Apple Watch. However, iOS 15.4 has effectively fixed the problem.

iOS 15.4 lets you set Face ID to work regardless of whether you are wearing a mask. It scans only the visible parts such as your eyes and nose.

Apple warns this is less accurate and less secure. However, it allows you to use Face ID properly with a mask. You can also disable this feature if you prefer to keep things the same. This feature is only available for the iPhone 12 or higher.

Universal Control

Universal Control technically is more an iPadOS 15.4 feature that an iPhone one. It allows users to connect an iPad and a Mac, and use a single mouse, keyboard, and keyboard across both devices. The iPad’s display acts as an extension of the Mac.

This feature was long in coming. We first heard about it at WWDC 2021. But it finally arrives in iPadOS 15.4.

New emoji

iOS 15.4 may help if you feel there aren’t enough Emojis. The update contains 37 new ones and 75 skin tones variations, which could be a sign that iOS 15.4 is not inclusive.

You can see some new emojis above: a biting lips, a melting smile, heart hands and many others.

AirTag has anti-stalking measures

Apple has many measures to stop unwanted AirTag tracking. The first of these have been introduced in iOS 15.4. These warn users that using an AirTag to track someone without their knowledge is illegal.

You won’t receive any ‘Unknown Accessories Alerts’.

A new Siri voice

iOS 15.4 also features , a new voice to Siri. This is the fifth option in the ‘American’ category. It’s an English-language voice with a US accent. You can hear a sample below of this female voice.

Siri now provides time and date information offline for devices starting with the iPhone XS to the iPhone XR to the iPhone 11.

Tap to Pay

Apple has recently revealed plans for a tap to pay feature. This would transform your iPhone into a contactless payment terminal. iOS 15.4 also adds frameworks to allow developers to enable this service within their apps.

Additional features

iOS 15.4 also includes many other improvements and tweaks to the features already mentioned.

You can also use the camera to add scanned texts to Note and Reminders, translate Safari pages into Italian and Chinese, manage iCloud custom domains through Settings, use Shortcuts and add, remove or query tags with reminders.

You can also use the Podcasts app to filter episodes, play, unplayed and saved episodes, as well as better audio content visibility in the News app. The Magnifier app uses the iPhone 13Pro and iPhone 13Pro Max‘s ultra wide camera to see small objects.

Additionally, EU citizens can now add their Covid vaccination cards to the Wallet App. The Emergency SOS feature requires you to hold the volume and side buttons to call the emergency services regardless of what device you are using. However, you can change this to require five quick taps of either the top or side buttons.

Bug fixes

iOS 15.4 is not an exception. New iOS versions almost always include bug fixes. There are fixes for keyboard inserting a period after typed numbers, News widgets in Today View not opening when tapped, photos and videos not syncing with iCloud Photo Library, the Speak Screen Accessibility feature quitting unexpectedly in the Books app, Live Listen not turning on when it is turned off in Control Center, and one for News widgets not opening when tapped.

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