How To Remove Pop Socket

This article will show you how to remove Pop Socket on your compatible phone. This article includes information about how to remove a MagSafe Pop Socket that is compatible with iPhone 12 or later.

How to remove a stuck pop socket

Pop Sockets can be used to hold a smartphone in one hand and text in the other. However, if you are changing your case or upgrading your phone, your Pop Socket must be removed from your device. All Pop Sockets, up to the iPhone 12 with its magnetic back panel were incompatible and sticky with Qi wireless chargers.

It is easy to remove Pop Socket. Pop Socket adhesive gel sticks to your phone or case and is removable by design. It leaves no residue. These are the steps you need to take out the Pop Socket.

  1. The Pop Socket can be collapsed so it is flat against your device.
  2. Remove the Pop Socket from the device. As you lift the disk, move your fingernail or spudger underneath it.
  3. Pull the Pop Socket out of the device until it comes free.
  4. You can move the Pop Socket while the gel is still sticky to another device, case, or to a different location on your current device.

You can easily slip the Pop Socket in your back pocket, put it in a new case or attach it to your next phone.

How to remove a MagSafe pop socket

The new MagSafe Pop Socket attaches to the back of an iPhone 12 and later. It doesn’t hinder wireless chargers.

It is much easier to remove a MagSafe pop socket than the sticky one. It attaches to your phone case using magnets so it is easy to lift, reposition, or remove completely, whenever you need it. However, the magnetic connection is less strong than the sticky one.

Reattaching again

You can usually change the location of your pop socket multiple times without losing stickiness. These are the steps to follow:

  • It can be detached from the surface.
  • To activate the gel, rinse it under cold water for three seconds.
  • Let it air dry for several minutes. Do not expose it to direct sunlight.
  • Attach it to the new location – dry flat ones work best
  • Allow it to adhere for about an hour, without trying to expand.

If the adhesive does not stick, rinse it underwater again. If that fails, it is likely you have reached the reapplication limit.

Pop socket can be a must-have for anyone who uses a portable device. Pop socket is simple to use and can easily be reapplied multiple times without damaging your device. However, it can leave a sticky residue which is usually not difficult to remove.


We have outlined step-by-step instructions on how to remove pop socket from a phone case. You won’t damage your phone case if you follow the steps below.

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