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Infinix INBook Pro Review

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As 2021 comes to an end, demand for portable computing continues its rise. The demand for portable computing is growing with more people looking to carry out their work remotely. The Lenovo Legion7 or MSI G66 Stealth is a popular choice for gamers, but there’s a lot more demand for budget-friendly laptops that can be used for work and entertainment. Infinix Inbook X1 laptops are perfect for anyone looking for a laptop to use daily or for work. The Inbook X1 Pro looks great on paper, packing a variety of impressive specs in a small form factor. But how does the Inbook X1 Pro perform in real life? That is what I will be answering. This is what I’ve been thinking about the Infinix INBook X1 Pro laptop. I’ve had it for about a week. Is it worth it? And how does it compare against the Realme Book, Mi NoteBook, and Mi NoteBook priced in the sub-Rs? 60,000 price segment?

Infinix INBook X1 Pro Review (2021)

This review has been divided on the basis of a number of factors such as display, build quality, performance, and, most importantly, battery lifetime. Depending on the information you need, take a look below at the table and jump to the section that interests you.

Infinix X1 Pro Spec Sheet

Before we get to my personal experience with the Infinix INBook X1 Pro let’s review the specifications.


Infinix chose a simple yet elegant design like many others. Infinix’s INBook X1Pro’s body is made from what they call ‘Aluminium Aircraft Grade’. To Infinix’s credit, the appeal is obvious. The laptop’s exterior top has been decorated in a two-tone metal finish. This makes it stand out. Infinix has provided a small cutout at the lid to make it easier to open the laptop. However, it is impossible to open the lid by hand because the hinge is very rigid. It is also very robust in terms of build quality. While twisting and turning the various parts, I experienced minimal flex.

This hinge is an interesting design feature. It can be viewed at 180 degrees. This feature is not very useful to me but it could be useful for others, such as those who want to use the laptop as a portable screen or when they are watching Netflix in bed. It is a great feature for the price.

Infinix INBook X1 has a professional feel thanks to its rounded corners and brushed metallic on the inside. This Infinix INBook X1 has two-tone, with the trackpad being a lighter shade than the armrest. The design of this display is quite simple. The large bezel beneath the display is not my favorite, but it blends well enough.

The laptop’s thickness is 16.3mm. The Infinix INBook X1 is lightweight at 1.48kgs. This makes it a good choice for users who travel with their machines.

The laptop’s bottom houses a large grille that allows you to view the fan and dual heat pipes inside. You will also find a small vent for heat dissipation. The screws can be removed at the bottom to open the cover. However, neither the RAM nor storage are upgradeable. To sum it all up, I like Infinix INBook X1 Pro’s design and can take it with me everywhere.


The INBook X1Pro has a 14 inch Full-HD IPS screen. This display supports a 1920x1080p resolution and a refresh of 60Hz. The brightness is 300 nits. The 100% sRGB color gamut is available on this IPS panel. The laptop’s display was tested by me while I watched Netflix movies and tv shows, as well as wrote and edited for the Beebom website.

While the display quality is adequate for what it provides, there are a few issues. The experience of watching detailed and richly colored movies, such as Polar and Our Planet, was enjoyable. The INBook X1 displayed no loss of detail, but the colors did not stand out as much as I had hoped. While the colors look great, the screen doesn’t pack the same punch I was hoping for. However, the IPS display has excellent viewing angles. I was also impressed by the Infinix INBook X1 series’ matte displays. I would choose these over glossy displays any day.

I also found the laptop’s maximum brightness to be a problem. I didn’t find the brightness sufficient to my liking, even at its maximum of 300 nits. I found myself often trying to raise the brightness even though it was at its maximum. This is a problem for outdoor work, because you may wish for a brighter display. Maybe 100 nits would have been more. This display is ideal for people who work mostly indoors. Do not seek out a bright display that displays extreme color accuracy.


Its overall performance is perhaps the most important aspect of any machine. A good laptop should offer good performance and not cost too much. I’m happy to report that Infinix INBook X1 Pro achieves exactly this. The X1 Pro I received as a review unit was equipped with a 10th-Gen Intel i7-1065g7 Quad Core and eight-thread processor with a max speed of 3.90 GHz. I will also discuss the Intel Iris Plus graphic that comes with the CPU.

The laptop features 16GB LPDDR4X RAM at a 3200Mhz speed. You have a 512GB SSD with reading/write speeds of 2400MB/s or 1900 MB/s. Although the hardware sounds great, I actually tested it in my day to see how it performed. To make it easier for you, I have broken down the performance of the laptop into three different scenarios. Below is a list of possible uses.

Daily Use

I am a writer who writes daily. My workflow includes multiple browser tabs and image editor software. We can’t forget Spotify and other video programs that are running in the background. Given the amount of content available, I decided to stress-test my laptop and increase my use

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