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The Best Dual OS Tablet

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Are you interested in a dual-boot tablet? You might want to run Office 365 natively, then switch to Android for access to its many apps.

You can now: There are many Dual OS tablets available on the market at a fraction of the cost, mainly from Chinese companies. Here are our top picks.

The Best Dual OS Tablets

Update 1: We tested the Onda as well as the Teclast x98 Plus (though the Pro version has dual OS).

Update 2 – The Chuwi Hibook may be the best all-around choice. It is a Surface Pro clone (make sure you buy the keyboard). See our complete review. If you don’t need a tablet or a larger device, the Chuwi Hi8 is a smaller version of the VI8. It was our number one choice in 2015’s list.

Update 3: We review the dual-boot Cube IWork8 Air here.

Update 4: There are many new dual boot OS tablets that you should consider. We think it’s time to update our article. But, hey! We’re on vacation and it’s Christmas. Check out these tablets: the Teclast Tbook 16 Power and Teclast TBook 12 Pro. Also, check out these bad boys: Ainol AX10 Pro 4G and Onda v80 PLUS.

Chinese Options

Dual Boot tablets are being developed by small Chinese companies that are more responsive and agile to changing markets than large corporations.

We expect this niche to grow in the coming years, as customers realize they don’t have to buy two tablets to run both operating systems. It would be wise to think of Dual Boot tablets as two separate tablets. Their biggest drawback is the inability to transfer files between them.

Chuwi is receiving requests from customers to make Dual OS tablets, and they are meeting that demand with style.

These products can be found on dubious websites at much lower prices than the ones listed here. These prices don’t include any customs duty (if the tablet is shipped directly from China), and you won’t be able to get customer service even if they are legitimate.

We recommend that you purchase these Dual OS tablets from Amazon. You are covered if your tablet has dead pixels or other defects.

Chuwi VI8 Dual Boot Intel Z3735F

The tablet from Chuwi can impress some tech-savvy users. It has a lot of specs, which is a big advantage over other tablets at a very low price. It has 2 GB RAM, which is quite unusual for a tablet on the cheap. Additionally, Windows 8.1 Bing, a complete Windows 8.1 edition, is included. It features a 1,83Ghz Turbo Bay Trail Z3735F processor, a 1280×800 IPS display, and microSD card slots. It is almost identical to the Dell Site 8 Pro 5000 series. The price, which is $ very affordable, is incredible. It’s dual-boot, so you have less memory, but it adds to the tablet’s importance. It’s a bargain for a quad-core 1.8GHz CPU, 2 GB RAM, fully certified Windows 8.1, Office 365, Android 4.4.4, and Office 365, all at a very low price.

The Chuwi VI8 Dual Boot comes with 9.48GB of Windows storage, which is not much. You also get 6.42GB in Android. You should make sure your microSD card slot works properly. Make sure you format it with fat32 to allow both the operating system and microSD card. Android does not support NTFS. Android ROM is an inventory Android affair. It’s very simple and it’s a good thing. There are 5 Chinese apps that can be removed from the ROM, and 1 that you cannot.

Cube i10 Intel Z3735F

This Cube i10 tablet may look like another Windows entry-level tablet, thanks to its quad-core Intel Atom Bay Trail Z3735F processor and 2 GB RAM. It is actually quite an excellent deal. The majority of tasks are easy to complete (such as browsing the internet, listening to music, or using a simple desktop application). This tablet dual boot is suitable for all types of usage due to its 10.6″ display diagonal and very affordable cost. The Cube i10 uses two operating systems: Android 4.4.4 and Windows 8.1 (with Bing) (alongside a Windows permit, a subscription to Office 365 for a year is also free).

Cube i10, like the i6 Cube, doesn’t let you choose an operating system for your tablet. Instead, it will use the previous operating system that you have used. A unique key can be used to change the working scheme. This is easily found in the system panel. It will switch from one scheme to the next in less than a minute, but you must restart the phone. Cube i10 claims similar output to other designs using the same processor families, thanks to the Intel Atom Z3735F’s 2 GB RAM, Intel HD Graphics cards, and 32 GB eMMC storage.

Pipo W3F TOZO 10.1”

The Pipo W3FTOZO is more than a dual-boot tablet. It’s unlike other similar products. The keyboard dock allows it to act as a laptop. For more versatility, it can operate both Android 4.4.2 as well as Windows 8.1. The boot-up process is fast and efficient.

The trackpad and keyboard are not great. The tablet’s battery lasts less than five hours but perfection comes with a price. If you desire perfection, you will need to spend three times as much as the W3F costs. You get a 1920×1200 maximum screen resolution, 32GB of storage, and a processor speed of 1.83GHz. The W3F is powered by an Intel Bay Trail-T Z3735F quad-core CPU, 2GB DDR3 RAM and 32GB ROM. It has a 10.1 inch 1920*1200 pixels screen with a 7800 mAh battery. 3G network support, USB 3.0 support. HDMI and OTG Link support are all available. This tablet also features a 2.0MP front camera and supports video chat as well as a timer.

It is easy to switch between operating systems. However, the device must be turned off before switching. There is an alternative way to switch to Windows on Android. It is quick and easy to launch smooth Windows. With the Power button pressed, Windows will open in less than 20 seconds. As apps are installed, the boot time will increase. There are a lot of items in Windows Chinese at first, but you can make Windows choices for Language or Local remedies to get the most out of it.

ALLDOCUBE iwork10 Pro 2-in-1

Tablet PC with Keyboard 10.1 inch Laptop 1920×1200 IPS Screen Windows 10 + Android 5.1 Intel Atom Quad Core CPU 4GB RAM 64GB ROM USB Type-C HDMI Output Black” data-aawp-geotargeting=”true” href=”https://www.amazon.com/dp/B0794ZKYZ2?tag=bgfg-tabletcompare-us-20&linkCode=ogi&th=1&psc=1″ title=”ALLDOCUBE iwork10 Pro 2-in-1 Tablet PC with Keyboard, 10.1…” rel=”nofollow noopener sponsored” target=”_blank” data-geniuslink=”//buy.geni.us/Proxy.ashx?

Tablet PC with Keyboard 10.1 inch Laptop 1920×1200 IPS Screen Windows 10 + Android 5.1 Intel Atom Quad Core CPU 4GB RAM 64GB ROM USB Type-C HDMI Output Black” data-aawp-geotargeting=”true” class=”aawp-button aawp-button–buy aawp-button aawp-button–blue”

ALLDOCUBE iwork10 PRO Dual OS Tablet Computer is a budget-friendly tablet with high-quality features. The bodywork and material are lightweight enough to be comfortable in your hands. Dual OS includes Android and Windows 10 to help you balance work and play with one phone. This feature allows you to choose the operating system that best suits your lifestyle and preferences. The extra keyboard allows you to set up your workstation where your heart desires. You can also take a break whenever you like, and still have a lot of fun.

This model comes with 64GB of storage, which is great for those who are not heavy users. Customers who want more storage options can get a microSD card. The storage capacity is 4GB, which is plenty for this layout. It has a beautiful 10.1-inch display and 2 MP cameras per hand at 19001200 resolutions. The strength of the ALLDOCUBEiwork10 PRO2-in-1 tablet computer is not diminished by the 10-inch tablet. It seems like a breeze blowing through a simple device with 4 GB ram and an 8th gen Intel HD layout process.

The screen displays a vivid image and vibrant color that matches the size of your eyes. The keyboard is great in operating programs like MSWord and other apps. This makes Android your primary hangout and Windows 10 your primary workstation. The combination allows you to achieve your workplace goals while still having fun. After long hours of play, the battery is able to keep up with customers without having to charge. Depending on how frequent the customers are, this can take up to 6 hours.

Chuwi VI10 Quad Core 10.6″”

The Chuwi Vi10 Dual OS Tablet is easy to use and enjoy thanks to the Intel Bay Trail Z3736F 64-bit 2.16GHz CPU, Intel HD Graphics 7, GPU. This tab offers quick, easy, and flexible Microsoft Windows 8.1/Android 4.4 KitKat Dual Boot Operating System (DBO) changes. Windows 8.1 is easy to use because it has many office software. Enjoy the joy of Google Android KitKat and many other applications. IPS displays 1366×768 pixels, up to 400 lumens degrees. 10.6-inch full angle display. The sharpness of the screen is more prominent and more accurate. 16:9 The visual ratio of larger PCs, larger monitors, and larger sights is 16:9.

You get a 100% speed increase and a 50% reduction in power consumption with 64-bit 2GB DDR3 memory. The SSD tablet comes with a 32GB eMMC Memory chip and speeds up to 150MB/S. Thanks to the Super Intel Z3736F, you get a superior performance than the previous version. The minimum 50% reduction in electricity consumption is also achieved. It makes it much easier to run all apps. This device’s battery will last for more than eight hours. The built-in Lithium-polymer battery of 8000mAh is compatible with DPFT to enable dynamic power management techniques. This camera features a 2.0 MegaPixel front and 2.0 rear camera. The camera supports IEEE802.b/g/n Wi-Fi, and Bluetooth 4.0.


These tablets aren’t for the elite market. They are affordable options with flaws. There will be some compromises when it comes to supporting and documentation, as these tablets are made by less-affluent producers. The value for money will surprise and delight most users, but luxury-loving users should consider other options.

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