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There are always new gadgets on the market, especially for writers. With so many choices to choose from, what should you get? Let’s narrow down your options with this list of some of the best writing gadgets available in 2021.

1 – The Airwriter: Virtual Writing App

One of the best writing gadgets you can choose is the Airwriter virtual writing app. This device allows writers to write anywhere. You can select your setting and then use an “ink” pen to write on a clear pad. Your words will show up on the screen as though you wrote them on paper, even though there’s nothing between your hand and the digital page. It works with Macs as well as PCs, so it’s perfect if you have both types of computers.

2 – M-Pen Stylus for Writers

Another great option is a M-Pen stylus which allows writers to work with any e-reader or tablet computer they want without having to worry about compatibility issues. The pen is durable and works with a large number of devices, so it’s perfect for anyone who has many different types of gadgets or frequently switches between them. It also has an ergonomic grip and 2048 levels of pressure sensitivity to allow you to create scenes just like on paper.

3 – Writer’s Cafe Virtual Cafe App

The Writer’s Cafe virtual cafe app is another great option. This device lets writers create their own virtual cafes in which they can sit and write (or even work) while surrounded by their favorite things such as stuffed animals, plants, posters on the wall, and more. When finished writing, there are several settings outside the cafe which will allow writers to explore new worlds while working on their novels or short stories.

4 – Miracle-Gro Self-Watering System for Writers

If you have a writer in the family, it’s probably not a good idea to buy them flowers or plants. However, there is a great alternative: Miracle-Gro self-watering system for writers. This device works with any plant and lets your favorite authors water their “plants” while they’re working on important projects. It easily attaches to any desk and can be used with any type of container.

5 – Acer Aspire Q5949 Laptop for Writers

Acer Aspire Q5949 laptop for writers is another great option. Whether you need a PC or a Mac, this laptop has it all and will last long enough to serve as an excellent writing tool through 2021 and beyond. With a touchscreen display, this laptop lets writers work with their fingers or an M-Pen stylus to get the results they want. The specs are great for serious writing projects, so feel free to load up any software you want without worrying about compatibility issues.

6 – Epson Black Wireless All in One Writer Printer

If your favorite author needs a printer that can keep up with them no matter how much printing they do, check out Epson Black wireless all in one writer printer. This device is fast and comes with Wi-Fi connectivity so writers can easily print from anywhere without hassle. It also has several other features such as built-in scanner, copier functionality, memory card, and more. No matter what your writer needs to do, this printer can handle it.

7 – JETech Adjustable Laptop Stand for Writers

If you have a writer with back or neck pain, be sure to check out JETech adjustable laptop stand for writers. This device not only gives the screen of your computer at an optimal angle but also helps you rest your arms on the table when typing so there’s no strain on the neck or back. It even has a cup holder in case any writers need to take a quick break for coffee or water while working.

8 – HP Sprocket Portable Photo Printer for Writers

For writers who are in love with their smartphones, be sure to check out HP Sprocket portable photo printer for writers. This printer easily connects to any smartphone, tablet, or laptop via Bluetooth and prints 2 x 3-inch photos with adhesive backings for easy display. Simply use the Sprocket app to choose which shots you want printed then press a button on the printer to start printing up memories that can be shared with anyone at any time.

9 – Samsung SmartThings Hub

If your writer has other smart devices in their home, Samsung SmartThings hub is another great option. This device lets writers control everything from lights to speakers to locks using mobile apps or voice commands through Alexa. The hub also allows you to monitor the home while writing so they know what’s happening even when they’re away.

10 – HP Pavilion All-in-One Desktop for Writers

Last but certainly not least, check out HP Pavilion all-in-one desktop for writers. This PC has everything writers need to create brilliant content including an Intel Core i7 processor, 8 GB of RAM, 1 TB hard drive storage, and NVIDIA GTX 950 graphics card. The 20-inch diagonal HD+ widescreen display also lets writers view more content at one time so they can work faster while still seeing results.

Frequently Asked Questions

1 – What is the best gift for a writer?

While there are several things you can get a writer, we feel that adding any one of these 10 items to your shopping cart would be an excellent choice. Although flowers and plants might seem like good ideas, they require too much care and attention from writers who already have enough to worry about. These gifts take the guesswork out of finding inspiration and let writers focus on creating beautiful content instead of worrying about what they need to keep their plants alive or where they should buy flowers from.

2 – What can I do if my writer doesn’t use M-Pen stylus with the Acer Aspire Q5949?

If a writer has decided not to use a stylus with this laptop, you can still help them write faster by adding this HP wireless all-in-one printer to your shopping cart. This device will let writers print any document they have without having to wait around or worry about compatibility issues. It also has other great features such as memory card slot, built-in scanner, copier functionality, and more.


With the holiday season fast approaching, now is one of the best times to shop for gifts for writers. These 10 items will give writers everything they need to transfer their thoughts into words. They also make great stocking stuffers or party favours so be sure to order them as soon as possible before they sell out!

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