How To See Who Saved Your Instagram Post? Try These Steps

Every day we see millions of posts posted on Instagram. Everybody follows their preferred page, and whenever they come across an excellent image or video. They wish to save it for later viewing the images later, or make them wallpapers, or even send them to someone else. So everyone is eager to determine who has saved your Instagram posts.

Some people save their posts but aren’t sure how to get access to the photos or videos they’ve saved. Now, if this is the issue that is making you think. Here we have this blog to help you locate the content you saved. The entire information is available on the “Save” feature on Instagram.

If you’ve heard from your friends that they knew who has saved their posts, you’re probably wondering which is the best way to find out the person who saved you from losing your Instagram blog post?

However, Instagram mostly doesn’t let users see who saved the Instagram post. This may be a breach of privacy for the people with whom you saved the content. This is why you’ll only be able to view the number of people who have saved the post.

This might be disappointing however, that’s what you’ve received. You can at least check how many people have liked their Instagram post, particularly in the case of low followers you can recognize on a regular basis.

Go to an Instagram post to check how many users saved your post. Hit the View insights button to discover the number of people who saved your Instagram post.

  • Learn how often Your Post has been Saved

Your account has been changed to a Business account.

The question is what do you do to see what number of users have saved your blog posts?

  • Follow the steps below:
  1. Click on the Instagram post that you would like to save the count for.
  2. Click on the “View insights” link under your blog post.

  3. It will show your Instagram statistics in which you can view the number of people who have saved your posts.

Alongside the number of times that a post has been saved you’ll also be able to see what number of users have liked or commented on the post. You’ll also be able to check the number of people who shared your article.

Knowing who saves your post on Instagram could be more crucial than calculating the number of likes since saving your article into the collection on Instagram Collection is a sign that someone not only is interested in your content but also wants to share it with others or use it it as a reference. Other than soliciting your followers’ permission, however, it’s impossible to determine the person who saved your Instagram posts, or in what collections they belong. The reason behind this limitation could be privacy.

Does Instagram not notify users when they save a photo?

If you save a post of someone else’s then the app doesn’t notify you in any way to the user. You can rest assured that you will save as many images as you like and add them to your gallery. The platform does not reveal the name and username that the individual who saved your post. There is no method by which you could know which person saved your post or posts of others.

Who can I find out who has been able to save my post on Instagram?

There’s no single-click way to find out who stored your Instagram posts on Instagram since it violates this policy. Instagram Privacy Policy. There are alternative ways to discover who has stored your Instagram posts.


Most of us are aware of the method to save a blog post. We all would like to view the pictures we saved later on to use later. We can then use the saved images to make wallpapers or give it to someone else. Here’s everything you must know about saving and the people who have saved the posts on your Instagram posts. We hope you find this info helpful. Thanks for taking the time to read it.

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