Spotify: How to Hide or Unhide Songs

Spotify has its own reasons. Sometimes it’s to heal from a heartbreak. Other times it’s embarrassing memories of drinking nights in bars, where you’re spitting your guts on the floor.

Sometimes, however, we feel the need to hear that song again out of nowhere. Spotify is like a band-aid that begs to be removed. If you feel brave enough to try it, and still haven’t got the answer to that question, here’s a guide to hiding and retrieving Spotify songs.

Spotify: How to hide a song

Hidden Spotify songs are one of the most useful Spotify tricks. Spotify can’t hide Spotify songs either on the desktop or web. Here’s how you can hide Spotify songs for Android and iOS.

  1. Mobile Spotify app: Open it.
  2. Search Spotify for the song you are looking to hide or browse a playlist.
  3. To open more options, click the three dots button beside the song name.
  4. Next, tap the Hide song.

After hiding a song successfully, it will become greyed out with a red button beside it. Hidden songs can be found on Spotify. You can still find a song you have hidden on Spotify mobile, even if it isn’t visible on your hidden Spotify tracks on your desktop app.

Spotify: How to Unhide a Track

Spotify will not allow you to play a song if you hide it. It’s simple to retrieve unplayable Spotify songs. You can retrieve a Spotify song hidden on Android and iOS by doing two things: set Spotify to show unplayable tracks and manually unhide the track. This is how you do it.

Spotify: How to show unplayable songs

You must make a song appear on Spotify before you can hide it. Here’s how:

  1. Mobile Spotify app: Open it.
  2. Choose Settings.
  3. Tap Playback.
  4. Toggle the button left next to Hide unplayable songs

You can unhide the track once it is revealed on Spotify.

Spotify: How to Unhide Songs

These steps will allow you to unhide a Spotify song:

  1. Navigate to the playlist for the song you’ve hidden.
  2. Scroll down until the song you are looking for is found.
  3. Click the Hide button.

The song can be played instantly from your playlist.

Spotify Music Recuperation

You will eventually realise that the power of a song’s memory is no longer yours. Although it may take some time before you are able to listen to a song without crying or cringing, that doesn’t mean you have to stop enjoying it.

You’ll one day unhide the song forever. To save your sanity, keep this guide handy.

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