volume button not working on roku remote

There is nothing more frustrating than Roku Remote volume not working issue. There are many issues with the technical aspect of devices, and the problems with the volume button are one of them. If your volume switch does not function when the device is connected and batteries are functioning properly it means that there’s an issue that is affecting the volume buttons.

The ever-changing technology world is creating new innovations each day, but this doesn’t mean that users aren’t going to encounter problems when making use of new devices. Similar is the case with Roku.

  • How Can I Set Up My Roku Remote to control the volume?

This Roku remote control could encounter issues at times. However, the volume buttons generally remain functional however if they do not there are some suggestions for fixing them.

    1. Replace the batteries If the volume buttons don’t work It could be because the batteries are depleted.

    2. Is your TV muted? It’s possible that the remote has been adjusted to by level (based on the display) however, it’s doing nothing. If this is the case, your TV may be muted. Make use of the TV’s main remote to de-mute it and then see if this resolves the issue.

  • Do the volume buttons not work? If you have children or the control is not new, it’s likely your volume button is jammed. Make use of a mild cleaner or wet cloths to wipe off any gunk or grease off the control. Then use the volume buttons numerous times to eliminate any remaining residue.
  • Have you downloaded the application? If you’re having the Private Listening feature activated the sound will go to your phone or headphones instead of the TV. Switch off Private Listening to hear the sound to your television.
  • Connect your remote In the event that your Roku remote has stopped syncing to your Roku streaming stick attempt to pair it up again. It is possible to get it back to operation and allow you to change the volume.
  • Is Roku having issues with the sound?

    If you’ve tried these solutions and your Roku volume doesn’t work It could be because your Roku itself is having problems. Here are some solutions that you could test.
  • Change A/V port If your Roku depends on an external system to play music, be sure that it’s properly connected and doesn’t have any issues within the system itself.
  1. reset the Roku Disconnect the Roku and the power cable for 10 seconds before plugging them back in for a reset of the Roku. Sometimes, this can allow the remote to function and allow you to adjust the volume.

  2. Switch the HDMI port: Connect the Roku into another HDMI port. If the port is not working it wouldn’t be able to alter the volume via the remote.

  3. Change the sound settings It could be that your sound settings on your Roku need to be tweaked. Navigate to settings under audio and tweak the options to suit your particular setting. If using an optical connection then change S/PDIF and HDMI in Dolby D..

  4. Replace the cables In the event that your audio setup relies on cables, then you might want to consider replacing them with cables that are reliable to determine if this will fix the volume issue.

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