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How To See Who Added Friends Recently In Facebook

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Recently added is a Facebook feature that permits users to view friends that were recently added to your Friends list in the last few days. The most appealing aspect of This feature is it lets you look at other people’s recently added friends to check whether they’ve added new members on their Friends list. This feature is perfect if you are looking to track your partner or your friend.

Facebook has always permitted users to view the friends of others if privacy permits it, but it’s also not something it is kept private between users. The ability to view the best friends of a person will let you determine if they’ve been buddies with some person for a long period of time, or recently joined Facebook. Facebook.

The feature of recently added friends lets you see someone’s recently added friends in order of when they’ve previously been friends. The person on the top of the list is the latest person they’ve made friends with. It’s not clear who was added as an acquaintance however it lets you know who requested to be added as a friend. 

Sarah Ross, Co-founder of CocoLoan commented that people are always interested in knowing about the activities of their near and dear ones. May they be part of their immediate family or someone from the known circles, people often want to get a look into the daily lives of these individuals for whom they really care. As a civilized people, it is of prime necessity for all of us to stay connected.

How to See Someone Recently Added Friends on Facebook

If you’d like to view others’ friends who have recently added them You can do this on both mobile and desktop. Since this feature is difficult to locate on mobiles so it’s best to are aware of how to view this feature on your mobile or on your you can do it on your desktop.


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Since the ability to view someone’s newly added friends list in the desktop version of Facebook for finding the most recent friends of someone in the iPhone or Android mobile or tablet, you’ll need to make an appointment for access to the desktop-only version of Facebook using your browser.

If you spot an iPhone:

  1. In Safari, go to Facebook.com and log in
  2. Visit a profile on Facebook of someone you know.
  3. Click on the Address in the bar located at the very top in Safari
  4. In the URL, remove ‘m.’ in https://.m.facebook.com
  5. You’ll be directed by default to the Desktop version of Facebook within Safari

If you’re using your Android device:

  1. Log in to Facebook.com in Chrome
  2. Simply click 3 dots to reveal three dots in the upper right
  3. Click Request Desktop Site
  4.  By doing this, you will be taken directly to your Desktop version of Facebook within Chrome.

To check their most recently made friends appear on your phone:

  1. Visit the profile of a Facebook profile of a friend’s profile on Facebook
  2. Go to Friends on the left on their profile
  3. Click Recently Addition on the top menu
  4. A listing of the recently added Friends is displayed.


If you’re on a computer and recently added feature for friends is easy to access and you’ll be able to use it with no issues. It’s one for desktops and therefore, it’s where you’d have wanted to check out the feature prior to looking into mobile.

To view someone’s newly added friends on the desktop:

  1. Go to Facebook.com.
  2. Search the bar and search for the names of your person that you would like to view their most recently Added friends for.
  3. When you’re on their profile, choose Friends.
  4. Click on the Recently Added tab. From there, you’ll be able to view the new friends they have added in order of the last time they were added to the.

How to See Your Recently Added Friends

If you’d like to view the list of friends you have recently added and you want to see it, all you have to do is to log into your profile and select the tab for friends. From there, you’ll need to choose Recently Added and you’ll be in a position to view the people with who you have recently become friends.

Other friends can view your newly added friends as you are able to see your recently added friends. When the people on your friend’s list have been newly added, they will disappear. If it’s been a long time before anyone accepted a request from a friend The Recently Added tab won’t appear.

How Long Is A Friend In Recently Added?

A new friend added to Facebook remains within Recently Added for 3.5 weeks after the date that the friend request was approved. This is that you’ll be able to view the friends who have recently been added to Facebook when they’ve added new friends in the past 3.5 weeks.

This 3.5 weeks period was evaluated by a member of the Facebook community some time ago. When this time frame has passed, Facebook will not be able to display the users on this list since they will not be considered newly added.

Facebook Recently Added Friends Disappeared

If you could view a friend’s recent friends for a few minutes and then it disappeared, that means they’re not a friend who was recently added. If the person is listed since 3.5 weeks, they’re taken off the list, and Facebook will not appear in the recently Added friend list.


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