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How to React to Instagram Messages with Custom Emojis

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Instagram is one of the most popular social media platforms worldwide. Instagram has many amazing features, including the ability to post videos, reels, and pictures to your feed. Users can also share stories and communicate with one another via direct messages (DM). Direct messages are a great way to make Instagram even more creative. Users can respond to direct messages using custom Emojis or even like them. Instagram supports disappear mode. This allows users to highlight messages and use custom Emojis to respond to them.

Some users might not be able to use Emojis to respond to messages. This guide will show you how to respond to Instagram messages using custom Emojis.

How to react to Instagram messages with custom Emojis

Here are some methods to respond to Instagram messages using custom Emojis

Method 1 – Reacting to messages using default Emojis

Emojis can be used to respond to direct messages, rather than liking them with a heart icon. To like a message, double-tap it. A heart icon will appear below the message. These steps will allow you to respond to Emoji messages.

1. Open the Instagram App on your device. Tap on the Messenger icon in the upper-right corner.

2. Navigate to the conversation where you want to respond to the message. Hold the message you wish to respond to and press. default Emojis pop-up.

3. Finally, tap the Emoji you want to respond to the message. The message will display your chosen Emoji. If you’re responding to a message in group chat, your profile picture and Emoji will appear below the message.

Method 2 – Reacting to DMs using custom Emojis

This is the method to respond to Instagram messages using custom Emojis. You can easily replace the default Emojis by choosing your favorite Emojis.

1. Start the Instagram App on your device. Tap on the Messenger icon in the upper-right corner.

2. Navigate to the Chat Section. Press and hold the message you want to respond to. The default Emojis pop-up .

3. Click on the plus icon from the popup, then tap on customize.

4. Choose the Emoji you want to replace from the default popup list

5. Select any Emoji you see from the list to replace it with your default Emoji reaction.

This is it. You can now replace the default Emojis by your favourites.

Method 3 – Change the Double-Tap Like Reaction

A custom Emoji can be used to modify the double-tap-like response. When you double-tap an Instagram direct message, you will see a heart icon under the message. These steps will replace the double-tap reaction.

1. Open the Instagram app on Android and go to your DM section.

2. To change the default double-tap Emoji, tap on the Chat.

3. Click on the plus (+). Icon then tap on Customize.

4. The default double-tap reaction will be the heart icon. Tap on the heart icon to change it. You can also choose your favorite Emoji directly from your screen by tapping on it.

5. When you double-tap on a message, your preferred Emoji reaction will appear below it instead of the default-like one.

Method 4 – Un-react or modify the Emoji Reaction

Sometimes you might want to delete a particular message from Instagram or change your Emoji reaction.

1. Open the Instagram App and navigate to the DM Section. Tap on the Chat to locate the Message with previous Emoji reaction.

2. Tap on the Emoji to select “tap” This will remove the Emoji reaction from your picture.

You can change the Emoji reaction by holding the same message, and tapping on another Emoji from the pop-up menu.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs

Q1) What can you do to change Instagram’s quick reactions?

Your Instagram quick reaction is the heart reaction and the like reaction by default. A heart Emoji appears below a message when you double-tap it on Instagram. You may wish to modify this quick response. You can then press and hold the message, and tap the plus (+!) icon in the pop-up. You can now choose an Emoji to replace the default double-tap Emoji.

Q2: How can you modify the reaction Emojis in Instagram DMs to change it?

The customization option allows you to easily modify the Emoji’s reaction. To open the Emoji popup, simply press-hold the chat button. To customize the Emoji pop-up, tap the plus icon. Click on the Emoji you wish to replace, and then scroll down to the bottom to select the Emoji.

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