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How to Know If Someone Has Blocked You on Snapchat

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Snapchat is one of the most used messaging apps. We have shared many Snapchat tips including taking screenshots without notifying the sender. Disable Snap Maps to make it easier to use. Today we will be focusing on one Snapchat issue that seems to be affecting most users. Snapchat offers a privacy feature that allows users to block any person. Sometimes, you may want to find out if someone has blocked you. Here’s how to find out if Snapchat has blocked you if you don’t receive a snap from someone special.

In 3 Steps or Less, Find Out If Someone Blocks You On Snapchat (2022).

1. Check out your Snapchat contacts

To find out if someone has blocked you, check your Snapchat contacts list. If you don’t see a contact listed on Snapchat, it is possible that they have blocked you. If the contact uploads stories regularly, you can check the Stories tab to see if there are any stories from them. It’s a sign that you have been blocked.

To check your contact list, tap on the “New Chat” button located in the top right corner of the chat screen.

2. Search for your username

Next, you can search for the person using their username or full name. This can be done by clicking on the Search button on the camera viewfinder screen. If you are unable to find the username you searched for, you may have been blocked. You might not see your username if you’ve been blocked recently. Clicking the add button, however, will result in an error message that reads “Unable to find username”

3. Send a message

Sending a message is another option. You can send a message to the person you believe blocked you if they are already on your chat list. If your message is blocked, it will not be sent. You will receive a message that says “Failed to Send – Tap to Try Again”.

Bonus Method: Ask a Friend or Open a New Account

Another way is to make sure you are able to communicate with your mutual friend if you and the person you suspect have blocked you. The next step is to ask your mutual friend if they have a Snapchat account. If they aren’t, it’s clear that you are blocked.

You can create a second account if you don’t wish to ask someone. Snapchat account creation doesn’t require that you enter an email ID. It is required only to verify your account. You can create a secondary Snapchat account and search for the user by using their username. If the user appears in the search results of your secondary account but not your main account’s search results, this means that they have been blocked.

Most Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Can I send a text to someone who has blocked me?

You can’t send a message to someone who has blocked Snapchat. An error message will appear that states “Failed to Send – Tap to Try Again”.

Q. The Snap score can be viewed. If it isn’t visible, the person has removed you. You can also access the chat by tapping on “View Friendship”.

Q. You can’t see a Snap score of a friend. If you could see their score before, it means they have unfriended.

Q. It all depends on how you set your privacy settings. If you set the privacy to ‘Everyone’ and not ‘My friends”, they can view your story.

Q. The grey arrow signifies that the person has blocked you or declined your friend request.

Q. Does someone unfriend you on Snapchat if you lose your streak?

No. After you reach the 24-hour streak limit, your streak will be terminated. You can keep your streak if you add the person in 24 hours and send Snaps.

Q.Will Snapchat block someone deletes unopened snaps

No. Snapchat won’t delete any unopened snaps, but the recipient can still choose not to delete them.

Q. Snaps that you have already sent can’t be resent. Snapchat has an option to send unsendable texts.

Q. Do Snapchats expire when they are not opened?

Snapchat deletes all unopened Snaps after 30 days.

Q. Snapchat Snaps can’t be unsent.

Q. No, you can’t.

Q. Do unblocked messages still get delivered?

Snapchat blocks you from sending messages.

Check out Snapchat to see if you’ve been blocked

These are the only methods to determine if Snapchat has blocked you. Stop living in confusion and see if someone has blocked you on Snapchat. You can also share any other methods that work, even if they are not listed on this list.

You will love this article. Also, check out our article on how you can f find out who blocked you on Instagram. If you are unable to access your accounts, make sure to read our How to Recover Snapchat Account.

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