How to Schedule a Text Message on an iPhone

This article contains directions and tips to help you plan the text message you want to send later using your iPhone as well as how you can utilize the shortcuts Shortcuts program to set up a text message and information on other applications that could be suitable for scheduling messages.

Is it possible to schedule an iMessage?

The simple answer is no. You can’t make use of iMessage to program a text message to be delivered at a later date. There are a few workarounds that will allow you to transmit messages to a later date. These require either the Shortcuts app or an alternative software specifically designed for scheduling text messages.

How Can You Schedule Texting for an iPhone 12?

The Shortcuts application is a way to text messages to someone on a regular basis. It’s free, however, it’s slightly complex and might not be precisely what you’re looking, However, here’s how to use it in the event you decide that this is the preferred choice.

  1. Launch your shortcuts application on your smartphone.
  2. Select your automation tab near the lower right of this page.
  3. If you’ve never had the opportunity to create any automation before, hit to create personal automation.
    If you’ve already set up an automation, you will not be able to see this option. Instead, press your (+) in the upper-right corner and then click Make a Personal Automation.
  4. Choose your Time in the Day selection.
  5. Change the date for when you’d like to transmit the message.
  6. Tap month and move down the screen to change the date you’d like to receive the message. Once you’re done then click next.
  7. Then, on the screen next to your On the next screen, click to add an action.
  8. In the Actions menu, lookup for a contract under the Send a Message section, and then click Next.
  9. In the message field Enter the message you wish to send, then press next.

  10. Examine your New Automation to be sure it is filled with the correct information. One thing to pay close attention to is the possibility to ask before running. This is turned on by default. You can switch above “Ask Before Running” to disable this feature to allow the system to run on autopilot without your input.
  11. If you’re satisfied, click Do it,and that automation will be configured to operate according to the settings you selected following the steps above.

What is the best way to send an untimely text using iPhone 12?

If you’re looking to make a delay-free, but non-recurring text message, installing a third-party application may be the best choice for you. These apps let you design and schedule messages to send one-time messages or regular sends. Some of the most highly-rated apps available in the App Store include:

  • Moxy Messenger
  • Reminderbase – SMS Scheduler
  • Carrier Messaging

Each app performs differently however, while they’re all available for download at no cost, they do come with in-app purchases, which means they’re likely not completely free. But, they’ll function similarly in that they give users the possibility to make and schedule messages for all contacts on your list or to who you have a telephone number.


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