Spyic Review: Is This Popular Phone Monitoring App Any Good?

These apps allow you to monitor your phone from anywhere. They can be used in many cases.

  • Keep an eye on your kids and ensure their safety.

  • To see if your employees are still loyal, monitor them.

  • To ensure your safety, track your spouse.

Spyic is a leader in the field of phone monitoring. Over a million people use the app daily from all over the globe. Parents, employees, parents, and people in relationships are all users.

Spyic is a new app that you may have heard of. Do you wonder if this is the right app? This article will help you determine if it’s just hype or real substance.

We will be going in-depth on the app. We begin with a brief introduction, then we discuss the most important features and conclude by commenting about the price.

Spyic – Is this Top Spy Application Worth Your Money and Time?

Spyic is an iOS and Android phone monitoring app. Since its launch, the app has been featured on major platforms like PC World, The Huffington Post and LifeWire, CNET and BuzzFeed.

The app has earned a lot of popularity in recent years due to its excellent phone monitoring capabilities. The app currently has 5 continents covered by loyal users. The app is used by people from over 190 countries.

What exactly can Spyic do to help you?

Spyic can give you access to nearly every event on the target phone. The app does what it says:

  • View messages:Spyic lets you read text messages as well as iMessages that have been sent to or received from your device. Each message comes with a date log and a time log. You can also retrieve deleted messages and iMessages from the app!

  • View call logs: The app keeps track of all calls received or made on the device. Each call is associated with a timestamp. The app will compile a list of 5 most commonly contacted numbers and share that information with you.

  • Monitor social media activity:Spyic allows you to monitor popular social media apps like Snapchat, Facebook Messenger and WhatsApp. You can view and read messages as well as see files that have been exchanged.

  • Track location:Spyic uses the built-in GPS of the phone to track its movements. View street names, buildings, or neighborhoods. For extra accuracy, the app integrates 3D street views.

  • You can access your web browser history. A list of recent visited sites is displayed with their descriptions and timestamps. This data can be used to determine the most visited sites.

  • Download media file: What images and videos are saved on the target device’s device? Spyic allows you to see the photo gallery. Any media file can be downloaded here for later viewing.

  • View all installed apps: You can see the entire list of apps on the target device. This ability can be used by parents to prevent access to inappropriate apps such as social media or games.

Spyic can read your calendar events, display the SIM card information and give you access to your contact book. You will receive periodic updates regarding the activity of your iOS or Android smartphone.

What speed can you get it running?

Spyic was set up in ten minutes during our tests. This was true for both Android and iOS devices.

The installation was easy. The instructions for setting up were easy to follow and clear. For your convenience, we’ll provide the setup instructions.

Step 1 – Sign up for a Spyic account. For the username, your email ID must be used. This allows you to be sent instructions for installation later.

Step 2 Next, you will need to buy a Spyic monthly membership. You can choose from different categories depending on the number of devices you wish to monitor. The plans for iOS and Android have minor differences.

Spyic Premium allows you to monitor one device. If you need to monitor more than one device, the Family or Corporate version of Spyic is for you.

Step 3 After you have purchased the plan you want, they will send instructions via email to set up your account. Select the platform you wish to use: iOS or Android. Follow the instructions on screen.

Spyic will be available remotely for iOS devices. Spyic iOS is a web-based application. It is compatible with the iCloud backup and does not require you to have the phone connected. You won’t have to download anything.

Simply enter the iCloud details of the target device and wait for Spyic’s sync to the iPhone or iPad.

You will need to download an app to install Spyic on your Android device. It is small at only 2MB and can easily be installed in just 3 minutes. Wait for Spyic to connect with your target phone once the app has been installed.

Step 4 : And that’s it! Remotely monitor your iPhone or Android smartphone using any web browser. Log in to Spyic to begin tracking.

The dashboard lets you see the status of your device in a glance. You can find the various features of phone monitoring in the selection panel.

Do you have any notable features that you should know?

According to our research, Spyic is an extremely advanced app. Here’s a breakdown of the app’s USPs.

  1. Spyic is a solution that doesn’t require any root or jailbreak

You may be familiar with the majority of phone monitoring apps that require you to root or jailbreak the target device. Data loss can occur when rooting or jailbreaking is done. They can also be time-consuming and not always discreet.

Spyic is not like other phone monitoring tools, thankfully. Spyic is advanced enough to function without jailbreak or rooting. Spyic is able to rise above the rest.

  1. Spyic is a ghost application and cannot be detected

Sometimes, you need to discreetly monitor someone’s phone. You will need a hidden phone monitoring app in this situation. Spyic can do the job. Spyic is an anonymous, secure app for iOS and Android. How does it work?

Spyic’s iPhone spy can be accessed remotely via the internet. It doesn’t require you to install or download anything on the target iPhone. Spyic will instead be able to work directly with iPhone’s iCloud backup.

Spyic is not interconnected with the iPhone in any way and is web-based so it cannot be detected by iPhone users!

Spyic is an Android app that weighs in at 2MB. You have the option of hiding the app after you’ve installed it. The app icon is removed from the installed apps list and the app drawer.

Spyic can run in the background and will not drain the battery or affect the phone’s performance. Spyic’s Android version is therefore very stealthy.

  1. The app features a web-based interface that can be accessed remotely.

Spyic’s web-based nature is one of its best features. Spyic has been completely web-based from the very beginning for iOS devices. Spyic for Android devices is completely web-based, except for the initial 2MB install.

What is the point of being web-based? Spyic lets you monitor any iOS or Android smartphone remotely from your computer or smartphone via the Internet. Monitoring the phone is easy with this feature.

It doesn’t matter if you are in the same place as the phone, or even touch it. Spyic can monitor the target device even if you are on different continents.

  1. Spyic is user-friendly

Spyic is a great website. It is intuitive, user-friendly and easy to use. As we said, installing the app was easy. We found the dashboard to be easy to use.

To set up a phone monitor app, you usually need to have at least some technical knowledge. Spyic is different. Spyic was created to be simple to use and easy to set up.

The app is available to anyone who has a smartphone or a computer with an internet connection.

The Bonus Feature: An all-seeing keylogger

Spyic’s keylogger deserves special mention. If you don’t know what a keylogger is, it is a program that records keystrokes on the target device. These keystrokes are saved in a file that the keylogger user has access to at any time.

Spyic includes an integrated keylogger. It will track all keystrokes that are made on your target phone when you install it. It will record all messages, web searches, and any other data.

The keylogger can be used to capture usernames and passwords of the individual!


Here’s what the Spyic keylogger logs for you:

  • Login details: The phone user can enter usernames or passwords to log in.

  • MS Office: Spyic allows you to log MS Word and PowerPoint as well as other MS Office applications.

  • Notes: This app allows you to log keystrokes for note-taking apps like Google Keep.

  • Emails: You can see the emails that have been sent to you via apps like Gmail.

The keylogger will allow you to view comments, Google queries and app searches.

Spyic is it expensive?

Let’s not forget about money. What is Spyic going cost you? Spyic is it worth the cost?

Phone monitoring apps can cost up to $50 per month. You will need to pay separate fees for each device if you want to monitor them all. It’s expensive for most users.

Spyic isn’t expensive, which is surprising considering its features. Spyic is reasonably priced for the many features it offers. Spyic costs about the same as a small snack to monitor one device each month.

Conclusion: Should Spyic be considered for a shot?

Our findings are that Spyic is powerful, effective, and simple to use. You can hide the app so that you can monitor your phones discreetly when you need. Spyic will not burn a hole into your pocket.

Spyic is the best phone monitoring utility when compared to other options. Spyic is worth a try!

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