What Does OP Mean Online: How Do You Use It?

On a discussion board or Reddit and another social network recently you may have noticed people discussing someone referred to as “the OP.” If you’re not sure who this is, continue reading.

What is “OP” Mean?

“OP” is a reference to “original poster” or “original post.” Both the terms have become frequently used in message boards and online forums, they are used to mean different things.

The first poster is the person who initiates an online forum thread, discussion thread and Reddit post. They usually start a discussion or ask questions. If they’re seeking advice regarding a particular situation They respond to messages or comments in the thread. When others mention the person who initiated this thread, they write “OP” in place of the username.

“The “original piece” is the main post that is displayed when you first open the thread that was started by the original poster. This is the more uncommon usage of both. It is employed when the content of the post is lots of information for example “megathreads,” or guides that contain multiple important hyperlinks, updates, and images.

” The Opening” in addition to “Overpowered”

The word “OP” OP can also have two other uses that you can see on the internet. For anime fans, OP can stand for “opening,” meaning the opening credits that are shown at the beginning of every episode.

In the eyes of players, OP stands for “overpowered.” This refers to an item, character or another thing in a game, is perceived as being overpowered.

If written in lowercase “op” is an abbreviation of “opposition.” A plural version, “ops,” can also refer to “operations.”

Its history History of OP

OP is traceable back to the beginning days of message boards on the internet in the early 1990s and early 2000s. It was the first time that a definition of OP from the Urban Dictionary was created in 2003. It says that it is an “original poster.” Today, it’s an everyday term on many websites that utilize a message-board format, such as Reddit.

OP was commonly used instead of the original user’s username. Because most users posted on boards of discussion were not logged in with a variety of unreliable words, characters names or numbers, as well as symbols. In addition, these forums did not have tagging or notification systems like message boards have today. OP was a quicker and simpler way of referring to the poster that was originally posted.

At the beginning of online message boards, the person who was the primary poster of a thread could make use of the Internet acronym “ITT,” which stands for “in this thread” when they title their post. It is true that the use of ITT in the title of posts is not as frequent, but ITT remains in use on the internet.

OP and Reddit

The abbreviation OP is frequently used in Reddit the biggest online chat room. In Ask Me Anything or AMA in threads, users are advised to post OP questions. In the event that the OP is famous Commenters often employ the word “OP” to be referring to the person who is who has been asked questions.

Another instance can be when the poster tells an experience or story. If the story is discussed in comments, the poster will usually refer to the post as being the OP. For instance, someone could post “If I were forced to walk as many miles like the OP was able to walk, I likely would have abandoned the idea.”

OP on Social Media

The term “OP” is also a popular word on social media, specifically Twitter. If a tweet is accompanied by multiple replies from many people, it is a tweet. Thus, “OP” refers to the person who posted the initial tweet.

Threads are commonplace on Twitter due to the 280 characters limit on Twitter. If users want to write long stories or upload a lot of photos, they split the tweets into several. If anyone stumbles across an unintentional tweet in an existing thread, they’ll usually seek out the person’s first tweet.

How to Make use of OP on Forums

It’s a term used to describe a person that isn’t appropriate in formal emails. You shouldn’t make use of it on social media and message boards.

Here are a few examples of how you can utilize the option of a pre-planned

  • “OP We would appreciate an update once you have received your package.”
  • “The OP has a lot of excellent nutrition advice.”
  • “What’s your top game to play on PS4 or the PS4, OP?”
  • “I find the story of the OP interesting, TBH.”

OP is only one of the numerous acronyms that you’ll find on the internet. If you’re looking to know about other acronyms Be sure to learn the meanings of the terms SMH, as well as NSFW, are.


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