How To Highlight In Pages On Mac?

This article explains how to highlight in Pages application on the Mac and also the best way to make notes after you’ve marked something.

How to Highlight in Pages on Mac?

Pages let you highlight text to ensure that a particular part stands out from other sections within the documents. You can choose from a variety of highlight colors. Each editor is assigned a distinct hue if you’re working with a team. Once a text section is highlighted, you may also include a note to remind yourself of the reason you highlighted it or provide context, commentary, or other information to your collaborator.

Here’s how you can highlight your text Pages on Macs: Mac:

  1. Open a Pages text file. 
  2. Select the text that you would like to highlight. 
  3. Select Add and then Highlight in the bar menu. 
  4. The text you typed is now highlighted.

How do you change the color of the Text that is Highlighted

After you’ve highlighted a text, you can alter the color that you highlight. If you have several people working in it, you may choose to assign a distinct color for each of them.

Here’s how to alter the hue of the highlighted text in Pages on Mac: Mac:

  1. Highlight a text with the technique that was previously described.
  2. Select View in the bar menu.
  3. Click to make comments and changes.
  4. Click to Color the Author.
  5. Click on the color you would like to use as highlights.
  6. The highlights of your hair will shift color according to the color you have selected. 

Commenting on highlighted text within Pages for Mac

Highlight text to stand out or aid in finding particular sections later Highlighting also lets you to make notes. When you highlight the text within Pages, you are able to include a comment on the text you highlight. Then, you can check the comment in the future to remind you what you were highlighting or to check whether there was a change you’d like to make in the future.

Comments are also helpful if you’re working together because other users who have access to the document are able to read your comments and then leave their own.

Here’s how you can leave comments on text highlighted in Pages on Mac: Mac:

  1. Highlight a text with the technique that was previously described.
  2. Move your mouse cursor to the highlighted text, then click on the Add Comment box once it is displayed.
  3. Write your message, then click “Done”.
  4. If you hover your mouse to the text highlighted later on the note will appear.

Take out the highlights and remarks

As with comments that you can view it is possible to remove highlights and commentaries in a variety of ways.

  • Place your finger over text that you want to highlight, and at the point that an Add Comment box appears you can click to delete.
  • In the Comment Panel that is open, simply click the button to delete the comment. Then, highlight the appropriate area.
  • Select the highlighted text, and select to edit then Remove Comments and Highlights on the menu bar.

Eliminate comments and highlights

It’s simple to delete highlights and comments from iOS too.

  • Click the highlighted text and within the pop-up window, tap delete.
  • Hold and tap the highlighted text, then choose the option to remove highlight or remove the Highlight as well as Comment by selecting the menu context.

The wrapping

Utilizing the highlight feature to highlight pages is a fantastic way to make your text stand out. Also, for collaboration in the documents you have, this feature is crucial. Are you planning on with this option for both Mac as well as iOS or are you already using it and have some thoughts about it.

For more information on how to use Pages learn how to alter the color of the background of documents or make use of footers and headers.

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